Send mototechnique on "Automotoprice" from Delivery!

Delivery has introduced an industry tariff for transportation of motor vehicles!

Delivery expands "Autoprice" with a new category of cargo "Mototechnique" and from now on the tariff is called "Automotoprice"!

The " Mototechnique " tariff was created for manufacturers and distributors of mopeds, scooters, scooters, electric scooters, motorcycles, electric motorcycles and ATVs.

Now you can ship motor vehicles from any Delivery office. You will not only get a nice price for transportation, but also additional benefits with "Automotoprice":

- Single price in Ukraine.

- Payment per unit of cargo, not per quantity or volume.

- No clearance fees.

- Wide range of supplementary packaging.

For the rates for transportation of motor vehicles, see the page "Automotoprice".

Recommended pre-packaging:

- Palletizing with the use of a tie strap.

- Pallet board.

- Crate.

- Furniture container.

Send motorcycles by Automotoprice with Delivery!