Information for site owners

    Using our API, you can on your website:

  • - issue receipts (TTN) and get their number back;
  • - receive tracking (movement) of cargo on receipt;
  • - to recognize full info on the already established receipts;
  • - produce a calculation of the cost of sending the goods;
  • - display reference information for the cities in which Deliveri works, and the warehouses that are there.

Information for programmers

To implement everything that is written in the section for owners, you can download the documentation (button below) and get acquainted with the methods.

If for work you only need reference information (lists of cities, warehouses, etc.), then methods can use right now, without any preliminary preparation. For everything else, you need registration on Deliveri's website.

Important! Some functions in the documentation are marked as "Method requires authorization", and some "Method requires authorization via API". For the second case, you need to generate the API keys (the button below), and for the first one - to simply authorize the methods available in the documentation.

Note that the functions for working with receipts require keys, so it's better not to postpone this issue for a long time.


To create ARI keys go to link

Information for programmers


        var apiKey = 'CDBFE2D5-BF02-4C0D-B7D6-5CF277761C50';
        var apiSecretKey = '6c131f01b99dfac3529d0cd68b1d6649';
        var getHMAC = function (key, timestamp) {
            var hash = CryptoJS.HmacSHA1(key + timestamp, apiSecretKey);
            return hash.toString();

        var data = {
                "culture": "ru-RU",
                "flSave": "false",
                "debugMode": "true",
                "receiptsList": [
                        "senderid": "CDBFE2D5-BF02-4C0D-B7D6-5CF277761C50",
                        "areasSendId": "4577d856-322b-e311-8b0d-00155d037960",
                        "areasResiveId": "16617df3-a42a-e311-8b0d-00155d037960",
                        "warehouseSendId": "5f2af375-5d70-e211-9ce1-00155d012a15",
                        "warehouseResiveId": "bdff546c-cb16-e211-89ed-00155d053b5d",
                        "dateSend": "2018-02-20T00:00:00",
                        "deliveryScheme": 0,
                        "posibleResiverReceipt_1": "ee5df311-6565-44d5-84f6-14875aa3e208",
                        "posibleResiverReceipt_2": "",
                        "posibleResiverReceipt_3": "",
                        "posibleResiverReceipt_4": "",
                        "currency": 100000000,
                        "InsuranceValue": 5000,
                        "payerInsuranceId": "1aa70d22-1209-e511-b3b5-000d3a200160",
                        "payerType": 1,
                        "paymentType": 0,
                        "paymentTypeInsuranse": 0,
                        "deliveryAddressId": "",
                        "deliveryContactName": "",
                        "deliveryContactPhone": "",
                        "DeliveryComment": "",
                        "ReturnDocuments": false,
                        "climbingToFloor": 0,
                        "CustomsCost": 0,
                        "CustomsCurrency": 100000000,
                        "CustomsDocuments": false,
                        "CustomsDescriptions": "",
                        "cashOnDeliveryType": 2,
                        "CashOnDeliveryValuta": 100000000,
                        "CashOnDeliveryValue": 5000,
                        "CashOnDeliveryCardId": "",
                        "CashOnDeliveryWarehouseId": "5f2af375-5d70-e211-9ce1-00155d012a15",
                        "CashOnDeliverySenderFullName": "Семёнов Семён Семёнович",
                        "CashOnDeliverySenderPhone": "0958888888",
                        "CashOnDeliveryRasschSchetId": "",
                        "CashOnDeliveryReceiverFullName": "Петров Пётр Петрович",
                        "CashOnDeliveryReceiverPhone": "0671234567",
                        "parentNumber": "",
                        "CashOnDeliveryDescription": "Описание",
                        "CashOnDeliveryPayerAccountId": "ee5df311-6565-44d5-84f6-14875aa3e208",
                        "pickUpDate": "",
                        "pickUpContactName": "",
                        "pickUpContactPhone": "",
                        "pickUpAddressId": "",
                        "descentFromFloor": 0,
                        "category": [
                                "categoryId": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
                                "cargoCategoryId": "f506d03b-9e36-e311-8b0d-00155d037960",
                                "countPlace": 1,
                                "helf": 1,
                                "size": 0.3,
                                "isEconom": false,
                                "PartnerNumber": "\"\""

            url: '',
            type: "POST",
            data: data,
            dataType: 'json',
            beforeSend: function (request) {
                request.setRequestHeader('HMACAuthorization', 'amx ' + apiKey + ':' + timestamp + ':' + getHMAC(apiKey, timestamp));
            success: function (data) {
                if (data.status == true) {
            error: alert('error');



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