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To increase quality of the information servicing, we are offering you a list of frequently asked questions concerning the work of our company.

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Нow to document return of cargo to the dispatcher?

To return cargo to the dispatcher it is necessary to send photocopy of letter to the e-mail of the warehouse or Regional Center. Physical persons should attach photocopy iof the 1st and 2nd pages of the passport to the letter. Example of the letter(example №3).

Нow to redirect cargo to another department within city?

The client can change the arrival warehouse within the same city in his personal account or through a written application. Example of the statement . If an individual wishes to change the warehouse of arrival, a copy of 1-2 pages of the passport must be attached to the letter. If a legal entity wishes to change the arrival warehouse, the letter must be written on a letterhead or certified with the company's seal.

Нow to change city of cargo arrival?

To change city of cargo arrival it is necessary to compose letter of application about redirection. Example of letter of application.
Both the receiver and the dispatcher have righ to change city of cargo arrival. If physical person wants to change city of arrival there should be applied copy of the 1st and 2nd pages of the passport. If juridic person wants to change city of arrival it is necessary to write letter on the letter headed paper and certify it with the seal of the enterprise.

Нow to change receiver of cargo?

The dispatcher can change the receiver throughPersonal Area by letter.
To change the receiver at the receipt the dispatcher should send letter-redirection (coloured photocopy of the letter) via e-mail to the warehouse of arrival or via e-mail If the letter-redirection is written by the physical person it is necessary to attach the 1st and 2nd pages of the dispatcher’s passport. Example of the letter.
We draw your attention that you can state up to 4 receivers in the receipt during cargo dispatch.

Нow to change payer at the receipt?

To change payer it is necessary to send letter of application about redirection to e-mail dispatcher has right to change payer on condition that the receiver and the payer is the same person. In other circumstances only person who wants to pay this transportation can change the payer upon receipt. If the dispatcher or payer is physical person one should attach copy of the first page of the passport to the letter. Example of the letter.

Сould i pay for transportation by bank transfer?

To pay for transportation by bank transfer you should conclude Contract for transportation and forwarding serviceswith our company. After conclusion of the Contract all invoices will be sent on the indicated e-mail.
To receive more information on payments you can refer to the manager department through the telephone 0 800 509 509 (the menu choices after the language selection are 1-2-4-1 "payment for cargo transportation services")

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