Advantageous ratio of price/speed of delivery​

Optimum transportation logistic and using off-size transport allow Delivery company to offer an  advantageous price of transportation.

— more than 380 Representative
— over 1000 long-haul flights


Possibility to transport off-size and heavyweight cargo
Technical and warehouse possibilities allow the Delivery company to perform transportation of  off-size and heavyweight cargo:
— 1,500 kg max of one indivisible place
— availability of trestle  for  unloading/unshipping of cargo transportation
— availability of professional loading/weighing equipment (ramp, manual fork-lift, stacker, loader)

        Wide choice of package

Delivery company has a wide choice of package and a possibility to develop  an industry  solution for the package, according to specificity of the cargo.

— Safe package
— Bag (polyethylene/polypropylene)
— Corrugated boxes
— Furniture container
— Palleting  the cargo
— Cardboard boxes
— Sandwitch-panel

Full responsibility for cargo

By sending cargo with Delivery company, you have an opportunity to choose a safety level of the cargo:

Individual insurance: It is possible to insure your goods with the responsibility of more than 1000 UAH with no restrictions on the insurance rate of 0.4% of the declared value of the goods.

Minimum share of loss and damage: Every day you have opportunity to get clear and renewed information about loss and damage of cargo quantity on page KPI «Security»


       Fast servicing of the clients

Accepting, handing over of the cargo and paperwork is done maximally fast, without creating lines.

— Work with one client is up to 5 minutes


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