Приглашаем на Новогодний турнир по быстрым шахматам!

Приглашаем Вас на наш традиционный Новогодний турнир по быстрым шахматам, который состоится 23 декабря в помещении «ЦОК» компании «Деливери»  по адресу Киев, Большая Васильковская 15/2

Регламент: 10 минут на партию + 5 секунд добавочных на каждый ход. Швейцарская система 7 или 9 туров в зависимости от количества участников. Начало турнира ориентировочно в 10.00-10.30. Перерыв на небольшой ланч после 4-х туров.


1-е место - Планшет ASUS ZenPad 10" 2/16GB WiFi Blue

2-е место - Мобильный телефон ASUS Zenfone Go ZB500KG Black

3-е место - Термос Stanley Легендарный с ручкой 1,3 л темно-синий

С детальными условиями участия можно ознакомиться здесь


Operation mode of some warehouses in Lviv city was changed

Dear clients!

In order to create of comfortable conditions of cooperation in western region of Ukraine operation mode of some warehouses was changed. So, from December 01 representative office No. 4 in Lviv city will be opened:

address: 42-Б Chyhyrynska street

tel.: (067) 644-04-28

working hours: Mon-Fri 09:00 Am – 07:00 Pm, Sat 09:00 Am – 05:00 Pm

At the same time, please, kindly be informed that warehouse No. 3 in Lviv city which is situated at the address Malekhiv village, 20 A Doroshenko street – is completely transferring to rendering services of addressed pickup and delivery. Please, pay attention that sending and receiving of parcels will not be performed on this warehouse any more. You can order addressed pickup and delivery services on this warehouse by telephone number 0 800 509 509 (menu item 3).

Please, pay your attention that we are going to start service “Cash on delivery” at new warehouse Lviv-4 on December 06.

We are always glad to see you in our representative offices!



Opening of a new warehouse in Shpola (Cherkasy region)

Dear Clients!

We are glad to inform you that on November 30 a new representative office of the company opens in Shpola (Cherkasy region).

We are waiting for you at: Soborna str., 33

Telephone: (067) 540-95-28

Working hours: 

Mon - Fr: 9:00 - 18:00

Sat: 9:00 - 15:00




Delays of shipment arrivals are possible

Dear clients!

Let us drive your attention to the fact that due to deterioration of the weather conditions - on all the territory of Ukraine, there is black ice – movement of the transport is complicated. Delays of shipment arrivals are possible.

We put all our efforts so as you receive your cargo on time! 


Happy Day of Logistician!

Dear colleagues and partners!

With all our hearts we congratulate you with your professional holiday – All-Ukrainian Day of Logistician!

On the way to the hearts of our clients we would like to wish you timely deliveries, full loads, optimized logistical processes and pure happiness.

“Delivery” team


Delivery is an exclusive partner of the 17th All-Ukrainian Logistician Day

Group of companies “DeliveryGroup" is the exclusive partner on transportations of the main business summit of the year as the All-Ukrainian Logistician Day 2017".

The key topic of the event – is current questions of the delivery chain and ways of their solving.

More than 200 logistics managers and Heads of departments of external relations of manufacturing enterprises, directors of business development are active participants of Ukrainian and international logistics market.

Within the framework of XVII Practical conference, the group of companies will be represented by director of development department, Kateryna Hryshyna, who will share her experience with the audience on “How to implement personal solutions to overcome the problems of the industry”. The expert is going to tell about how to overcome difficulties when choosing the transporters on real-life case, with which the logistics market faced already, she will present efficient tools that will become real helpers for logistics operators.

The 17th All Ukrainian Logistician Day will be held on November 24 at the address  Kyiv, 6 Vadyma Hetmana St., (Kosmopolit). 


Peculiarities of work of the service “Cash on delivery” at the warehouse No 1 in Odesa city

Dear clients!

Let us drive your attention to the fact that from November 23 to November 30, the service “Cash on Delivery” will be rendered at the warehouse No 1 in Odesa city from 03:00 pm to 08:00 pm.

Please accept our apologies for temporary inconveniences.


Happy Day of Dignity and Freedom!

Dear fellow citizens!

Today is Ukrainian holiday – the Day of Dignity and Freedom.

This holiday is the symbol of our fight and victory, symbol of our unity for the highest ideals of the civilized world.

We wish to all Ukrainians that this feeling of our dignity always accompanies us and becomes the token of our freedom and justice in the society! 


“Delivery” launched new mode of issuing receipts

“Delivery” announces updated possibilities on online issuing of receipts for the clients, which decreases time for delivery. Earlier the function was available only through your Personal area. Now you can use the service of online issuing of receipts when calculating the price for delivery at the website delivery-auto.com.

For this purpose you need to move to extended calculator through the tab “Calculation of value”. After entering the main information on the type of delivery, date, and transportation itinerary, you need to choose the category of sending – “Parcels and documents”, “Cargo”, “Pallets” or “Industry tariff”. If necessary, state additional data on the declared value, COD and additional services.

After calculating the price of the sending, press “Continue execution” and enter information on the sender and the addressee. On this stage you can both create receipts, and their templates. When creating receipts, the draft goes to the register of reserved receipts, which opens in the monitor window on the right. Here there are all the created but not completed receipts by the client to which they can return at any moment. For final execution, it is necessary to choose one or several at once and press “Complete”.

If the user often uses typical execution, the new mode has a function of creating templates, which are already available to be edited. Using templates considerably increases speed of issuing the receipts for the clients, freeing time for developing main business processes.

After printing of the executed receipts, the cargo is ready to be sent to the warehouse or to the addressed pickup.

New mode of executing the receipts at first will be run simultaneously with the conventional issuing at your Personal Area. The Stage of complete transition will take about two weeks for convenience of the clients.

At the nearest time issuing of receipts from mobile application “Delivery” will be launched.

You can take a look at the video of the new online mode of issuing the receipts here.


Opening of a new warehouse in Yavoriv (Lviv region)

Dear Clients!

We are glad to inform you that on November 21 a new representative office of the company opens in Yavoriv (Lviv region).

We are waiting for you at: Sichovyh Streltsov str., 16

Telephone: (067) 540-96-49

Working hours: 

Mon - Fr: 9:00 - 18:00

Sat: 9:00 - 15:00



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