The new "Promo codes" service and updated functionality of the personal account and mobile application

Delivery Group's team of IT specialists continues to improve the personal account and mobile application for its customers! This time, we have prepared another additional service and a number of updates for your convenience.
The new "Promo codes" service allows you to add a digital number with a discount and apply it when issuing a receipt for transportation.
On the page you can:
• add a promo code;
• view the "Active" or "Inactive" status;
• the date of creation of the promotional code;
• find out and sort by its expiration date;
• view % discount.
How to get a promo code?
The most convenient option is to take part in raffles on Facebook and Instagram social networks. Every Thursday, a new raffle is launched, fulfill the conditions and wait for the result!
Updates aimed at the convenience of your work with the personal account and mobile application include:
• on any page of your personal account, you can immediately proceed to the creation of receipts or order a car using the hot buttons on the top right
• when creating a receipt, the "Sender" field automatically pulls in the user's name.
• you can see if there is a Postpaid service at the cash desk by choosing the branch when issuing a receipt
• when ordering a car, you can select all available receipts from the list
• new tips when issuing a receipt or picking up cargo
• new view of estimated value
• and other.
By creating additional updates, the Delivery team strives to make the client's work as fast and comfortable as possible.
Register and experience the benefits of the update!