Together we are strong!

Delivery managed to evacuate the cargo of customers from the Company's representative offices in the Donetsk region to the Dnipro representative offices.

Currently, we are actively processing the Senders' requests for receipts for redirection of this cargo to other offices of the Company in Ukraine.

We will remind, in a personal account and the mobile application Delivery the possibility of independent registration of request for redirection of cargo is realized or it is necessary to send the letter to the e-mail address:

The fee for overtime storage of cargo at the representative office (more than 7 days), which was sent before February 24, 2022, is not charged.

For the current week compared to last Delivery Company:

• transported + 27% more cargo

• worked with more than +42% of clients

• attracted 63% more trunk flights

The main task we are working on is to minimize the time of cargo transportation for our customers!

We believe in Victory! Together to victory! Everything will be Ukraine!