Change transportation tariffs

Dear customers!

During the first week of resumption of work of the logistics company "Delivery", we transported 15% of the cargo of the volume of traffic that was carried out before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

To increase the volume of cargo transportation of our customers and reduce delivery times, we need to attract additional vehicles, increase the number of routes and additionally return to the jobs of our employees. The shortage of fuel and lubricants on the market and as a consequence of rising costs significantly complicates the possibility of regular flights.

Therefore, the company is forced to revise certain pricing policies and from April 11, 2022 to increase the cost of transportation of 1 kg / 1 m3 of cargo, the cost of parcel and pallet format of transportation by almost 10%. All other tariffs of the company remain unchanged.

 From April 11, an additional 36 branches of the company open their doors to their customers. The total number of existing representative offices will be 242 and will gradually increase.

Almost all of the company's offices move to 5, some 6-day working week, and strategic transit sorting centers to round-the-clock work on handling our customers' cargo.

The company's tariffs for freight transportation and additional services remain the most profitable in the logistics services market.

We look forward with confidence and unquestioningly believe in our VICTORY!

Glory to the Armed Forces and territorial defense of cities and towns! Glory to Ukraine!