Delivery Group expands and strengthens its position in the logistics market.

20-year experience in the logistics services market in Ukraine allows the company "Delivery Group" to become a reliable partner for more than 800 thousand corporate clients. Every day the Company makes efforts to strengthen its position in the freight market and looks for ways to better meet the needs of its customers.

Last year the Company increased its geographical presence by 53 representative offices, the total number of which is already about 500, all of them with no weight limits. Network development has combined the opening of its own representative offices and representative offices under the franchise system. Develop partner network of representative offices as its own and is the principle of the Company.

In 2021 Delivery Group has focused its efforts on opening cash-delivery offices and almost doubled their number and today the total number of cash-delivery offices is 343.

This allowed to attract new customers by 46% more than in 2020, expand cooperation with existing customers and increase the total cargo turnover by 21.7%. In its structure, the largest increase was achieved in transportation:

  • parcel format freight +22.7%,
  • and shipments over 30 kilograms by almost +40%,
  • the volume of pallet format transportation rose by +11.6%.

Digitalization is becoming an integral part of any business. In the first half of 2021 Delivery Group published a new mobile app, available for download on Android and iOS platforms and released a series of videos to facilitate the customer experience in the mobile app. The timing of processing customer requests to change data sent through the mobile app is no more than 5 minutes. You can see for yourself by downloading the logistics assistant Dеlivery at the links:




 The Dеlivery Group has managed to implement many projects in 2021:

  • bring to market a brand new industry-specific tariff, Agroprice, which allows the agricultural sector to expand business opportunities at a lower cost;
  • expand the sectoral tariff "Automotoprice" (the possibility of transportation of cargo of the category "Motor vehicles" was added);
  • to prepare for the launch of the updated personal cabinet, allowing the client to perform all the necessary actions on the receipts and easily and conveniently find answers to their questions. Expect the release of the updated personal cabinet very soon.
  • Integrate new services for address logistics (pickup/delivery of half-pallets; address delivery of passenger tires at a special rate; a whole package of services in addition to "Veloprice");
  • the opportunity for customers to send cargo with the service "Cargo auto-return" (this is the return of cargo to the city of departure in the case of the recipient's refusal to pick up the cargo);
  • providing a high level of protection and storage of personal data of clients. The company has migrated to a new, more secure platform for storing and processing data.

Last year, Delivery Group worked hard to increase the warehouse space for customer service, improve the technical base of transit warehouses and increase the number of trucking spaces at sorting warehouses, thereby launching new direct routes.

The company is open to its customers and is not afraid to talk about the shortcomings of the work, on which it is working hard to solve: a slight increase in the proportion of damage to customers' cargo has led to a decrease in the readiness to recommend the company (NPS) by 2%.

Delivery Group has in its plans for 2022:

  • Conduct effective work on shipping safety and minimizing cargo damage;
  • improve and expand the work of transit-sorting warehouses to accelerate the delivery of goods;
  • to make the tariff schedule more simplified for the client;
  • To expand the range of financial services: to cover 80% of representative offices with Cash on Delivery service and implement crediting of money transfers to bank cards.

Delvery Group thanks its customers for their trust and fruitful daily cooperation! The company appreciates every client and every day tries to provide reliable service to its clients.

Delvery Group! Together for 20 years!