New service "Automatic return of cargo"

Delivery launches a new service "Automatic return"! This service will interest online stores.

"Automatic return of goods" is the possibility of automatic return of goods in case of refusal of the Recipient to pick up the goods. The cargo will be returned to the office from which the cargo was sent after a certain period approved by the Sender.

The service can be used by clients of both individuals and legal entities, for which you need a contract for the provision of freight forwarding services and provide a letter to connect the service "Automatic return of goods". The cost of the service "Automatic return of cargo" for customers - 0 UAH. Return of cargo is due to the formation of a receipt with the type "Redirection", payment for transportation is charged in accordance with the standards of redirected cargo.

You can get acquainted in detail with the conditions of providing the service "Auto return of cargo" on the company's website:

Use the new service! Delivery makes the delivery process even easier for you! 20 years together!