DELIVERY GROUP is an international transport company, a modern multimodal freight operator.

DELIVERY GROUP is a mobile and responsible team of professionals that provides an individual approach to each client, able to find the best in price and quality logistics solutions.

Thanks to many years of experience, partnerships with many logistics companies around the world, we can offer affordable price, quality service and ensure the safety of your cargo.

For our customers in 2021 we are launching a campaign - EUROPE CLOSER.

As part of the campaign, one European country is selected each month, cooperation with which allows you to take advantage of an additional discount to the customer's current tariff for import or export of goods

We are starting the action from the nearest neighboring country - the Republic of Poland.

Entrust the transportation of goods to professionals,

And it will save your money, energy and time!

You can order the service, calculate the cost or get a consultation on our website - Delivery International by filling out an application for transportation or contacting information support:

+38 (067) 557-88-74             

+38 (097) 588 -88-44