Delivery takes part in “Ukrainian Export Week - 2019 forum"


“Delivery” takes part in “Ukrainian Export Week - 2019” forum which is held from June 3 – 6 in Kyiv city.

The event is organized by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine along with the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine and other bodies of the state and local authorities.

 “Ukrainian Export Week - 2019” is the event which is aimed at practical implementation of the National Export Strategy and also improvement of investment climate and assistance in development of industrial potential of Ukraine.

More than 40 business events (panel discussions, workshops, B2B meetings) will be held during June 3 – 6, namely:

  • The 5th National Export Forum (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine, June 3);
  • Exhibition “AGRO-2019” (National Complex “Expocenter of Ukraine”, June 4 - 7);
  • International agrarian forum “AGRO 4.0” (National Complex “Expocenter of Ukraine”, June 4 - 6).

Representatives of Ukrainian state enterprises and business-structures, which export their goods abroad take part in the forum.

The following topics are discussed at “Ukrainian Export Week - 2019” forum:

- financial, economical, export, currency issues;

- current and effective instruments of financial support (business investment);

- direct contacts with foreign partners;

- launch of their projects and developments of the foreign investors;

- establishment of business relations with representatives of domestic business (B2B-communications).

 “Delivery” is always opened for fruitable cooperation with foreign and native partners.