Clients and employees liberties had been protected.

On Friday (October 9), tax administration tried to stop company bank accounts work.  Bank representatives refer to Kiev Solomenskiy court decision in spoken conversation. Meanwhile, none of bank does not agree to give documental confirmation.

October 12, employees one of the biggest logistic operator of cargos delivery at В2В market rode out to protect their liberties of work continuation. There were more than 100 employees near Mayor's Office and tax administration, who appealed about conflict resolution to local government.

«Our company is conscientious taxpayer and important economic branch in Ukraine. However, nobody will force us to keep the silence about administrative official outside pressure – it is expressed by administrative and financial pressure. To get defense and justice we came to tax administration», - Olga Kozhuhina, Head of Communications said.

Two hours protest results were conversations between Delivery Company and tax administration official representative, who told he would help at conflict resolution.

«These conversations are sample of constructive dialog between business and government» - Olga Kozhuhina, Head of Communications resumed.

What was the reason and the subject of court decision?  - It is still unknown fact.

The constructive dialog is continuing.

Delivery Company works in the ordinary course.