Delivery Company presents СSI and NPS research results

Logistic Delivery Company resumed September 2015 clients’ service quality monitoring.

According to research, there are 77 % consumers, who are completely satisfied with company service. Net Promoter Score (NPS) has equaled 51 %.

Analyze material had been prepared for 2 weeks by use of phone survey among real company clients. 1000 respondents were chosen in a random way in every tariff plan.

According to research results, respondents with «Standard» tariff plan expressed the highest satisfaction level of service, - 8, 42 points from 10. This factor shows that Delivery company service level corresponds to clients’ needs and expectations, who transport up to 500 kg of cargo.

Respondents with «Business» tariff plan confirmed intention to use Delivery service repeatedly regardless of low satisfy level of service – 7,85 points. It implies that clients are completely satisfied with clarity of tariff plans despite existing dissatisfying factors. Abovementioned saving factor is the main key that clients have, when they are looking for Transport Company and whose carriages are from 500 kg up to 5000 kg.

The main company’s client groups such as «Development» and «Maximum» researching results are almost identical. Clients, who transport from 5 000 kg per month, are related to medium and big business. Address expectation to Delivery service is 9,14 points. High index confirms definitive clients’ conditions to cooperate with Delivery Company and it shows valid business positioning of company such as logistic expert at В2В market.

«Index 51% is not only the number or satisfaction index. For our company NPS is conducting of business philosophy and it is company’s obligation system towards our clients.» – Elena Lakatosh, Chief executive officer, said. «The most valuable thing we have gained from this research is honest answers and recommendations on improvement service quality. We aspire to provide not just satisfactory but rather the best logistic service, having a constant dialog with our clients. »

Delivery Company appraises NPS according to international methodic. For instance, cargos transport company’s leaders satisfaction indexes are presented below:

1. UPS – 74%

2. FedEx – 73%

3. U.S. Postal Service – 73%

4. DHL – 63%

NPS аnd СSI research is intended to be permanently conducted. Delivery Company will regularly inform its clients about results and decisions, which are undertaken to improve service quality.