The level of the customer service of Delivery increased for 13,5% in July, 2015.

The level of the customer service of Delivery increased for 13,5% in July, 2015 in comparison with the similar period of 2014. The data obtained according to the results of the research "Mystery Shopper" allow to judge about the positive dynamics in the customer service.

Research is conducted by the international agency "The World of Mystery Shoppers". Qualification and professionalism of the MTP Company are confirmed by 7 years’ experience and 200 implemented projects on improvement of quality of the customer service for the international and Ukrainian companies of various sectors of economy.

"Mystery Shopper" test was undergone by 184 warehouses of "Delivery". The average total monthly result of the test of the company made 78 points from 100 possible. 45% of the warehouses gained the highest level of an assessment of quality by the results of the test. 10% of representations gained less than 65 points and showed the unsatisfactory result of the test. The active work on improvement of service quality for these representations started in August. 

The control checklist,-  according to this checklist the estimation of the service on all the warehouses was made, - is represented in two variations: the Application form of receipt and the Application form of delivery of cargo. The main key parts of research were designed to study the generalized customers’ experience (impressions), the analysis of specific elements of service and measurement of behavior of the employees of the company. The Application forms include criteria, – and depending on priority of the indicators in "Delivery" – the specific ratio is appropriated to each criterion. The maximum score in accordance with the sections of the Application form makes 100.

The Application form of receipt of cargo includes 46 criteria of research. The key section – includes definition of the purposes and needs of the customers. These indicators are estimated at 47 points and guarantee, actually, 50% of successful test completion. Among those criteria you may find – proper execution of documentation, proper disclosure concerning the additional service and insurance, the service rate and personnel affability.

The Application form of delivery of cargo included 39 criteria. The main requirements to the employees of the warehouse are also focused on the maximum communication and concentration on interests of the visitor. To determine customer needs, to specify information on the receipt, to provide professional consultation and assistance correctly and quickly these are important, but not the only requirements concerned quality of providing service by representations of "Delivery".

"The company which entered upon a way of evolution of the own service one day, should be ready to continuous service quality management. It is not a secret that the best product from the technological point of view can be easily spoiled by the lack of a smile, the unfriendly relation or unwillingness to help, - Elena Lakatosh, CEO of "Delivery", commented. – Because of researches we endeavor to obtain not a "dry index" of a quality assessment, but to live "feelings of the customer" contacted the company. To make the customer experience of communication with "Delivery" as the most positive and professional – is our mission".      

The company Delivery continues to work on the standards of the provided services increase. We will share the detailed information concerning researches "Mystery Shopper" and the level of the company’s customer satisfaction with you. 

The partner of the project: "MTP"