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Today “Delivery” collaborates with – the biggest national marketplace of the online-trade market of Ukraine which disposes at its catalogue about 88 mln. of goods and services. Every day 1.3 mln of users visit this marketplace. Clothes, shoes, accessorizes, goods for house and garden, beauty and health, and also household appliances and electronics are in the TOP-10 of the popular categories of goods.


Ways of usage of discount coupon for delivery

by the company “Delivery” by THE SENDER


  • Visit representative office of the company “Delivery”
  • During processing of the receipt inform operator about discount coupon number
  • Specify city and address where the goods should be sent.


  • Visit web site
  • Register / log in your Personal area
  • If you process of the receipt by yourself, choose warehouse where the goods should be sent
  • Specify discount coupon number
  • Complete processing of the receipt
  • Print receipt or sticker
  • Stick the sticker to the cargo
  • Bring cargo to the warehouse of the company“Delivery” for shipment

If you have questions and propositions, please, contact us the telephone: 0 800 509-509

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