Delivery Group supported International art plein-air in Sednev

Delivery Group is a partner of  International Ukrainian-Georgia plein-air "Autumn in Sednev, 2017", organized by Kyiv Organization of National Union of Artists of Ukraine  together with Fund of support and development of Georgian culture.

The goal of the plein-air is to deepen and develop cultural connections between Ukraine and Georgia, exchange of informational, professional, and aesthetic experience and extending cooperation of the artists of our countries.  The plein-air program includes not only wide artistic partnership, but also excursion program, familiarization with the culture and historical sights of Chernihiv region and Kyiv.

Among participants of the art plein-air of this year - Svitlana Anoshkina, Tetiana Didenko, Nataliia Kokhal, Mykola Skobelskyi, Halyna Popinova, Mariia Polyakova, Serhii Polyakov, Nino Gogolishvili, Irma Surmanidze, and also daughter of the famous Ukrainian artist Tetiana Iablonska - Gayane Atayan. 

Following the outcomes of the plein-air, exhibition of works is planned, that the artists are going to make "on the open air" within 10 days.

International Ukrainian-Georgia plein-air "Autumn in Sednev, 2017" takes place in township Sednev (Chernihiv region) from September 21 to September 30.

Plein-air (from Fr. en plein air "on the open air") term, that means conveying in the picture all the plethora of color changes, due to impact of the sunlight and the environment. 


"Delivery" launched cash on delivery on 3 more warehouses!

Logistical company “Delivery” is spreading actively work with Cash on Delivery service by cash!

Starting from September 21, the service starts working at the representative offices of the company Enerhodar, Kryvyi Rih-2, Makariv!

Cash on Delivery service allows to transfer cash for the goods to the clients.

Cash on delivery by cash is available for all kinds of deliveries: cargo, parcels, pallets, tires.

In the future , the company plans to increase number of the offices where it will be possible to use the service and to provide an opportunity for the clients to transfer cash for the goods in other cities of Ukraine. 

Let us remind that, starting from July 2016, COD by cash was already launched at “Delivery” on 89 of its representative offices:

Бахмут Ковель - 1 Полтава-1
Белая Церковь Константиновка Прилуки
Белгород-Днестровский Краматорск Ровно - 1
Бердянск Кременчуг - 1 Ровно - 2
Болград Кривой Рог - 1 Самбор
Борисполь - 1 NEW Кривой Рог - 2 Сарны
Бровары - 1 Лозовая Светловодск
Винница - 1 Луцк - 1 Северодонецк
Вишневое Луцк - 2 Славянск
Владимир-Волынский Львов - 3 Сумы - 1
Вознесенск Львов-1 Тернополь - 1
Днепр - 1 Любомль Тернополь - 2
Днепр - 2 NEW Макаров Ужгород
Днепр - 4 Мариуполь - 1 Умань - 1
Днепр-3 Мелитополь Харьков - 1
Житомир - 1 Нежин Харьков - 4
Запорожье - 1 Николаев - 1 Харьков - 5
Запорожье - 3 Николаев - 2 Харьков - 6
Запорожье - 4 Никополь - 1 Харьков - 7
Золотоноша Нововолынск Харьков - 8
Ивано-Франковск Новоград-Волынский Херсон - 1
Каменец-Подольский - 2 Обухов Хмельницкий - 2
Каховка Одесса - 1 Хмельницкий - 3
Киев - 1 Одесса - 4 Червоноград
Киев - 12 Одесса - 5 Черкассы - 1
Киев - 14 Одесса - 7 Чернигов - 1
Киев - 2 Павлоград Черновцы - 1
Киев - 3 Подольск (Котовск) Шостка
Киев - 5 Покровск - 1 NEW Энергодар
Киев - 7 Полтава - 3  

To receive more detailed information about the service “Cash on delivery”, you can get to know here:


The signing of electronic documents increased by 35% – Delivery

Since the beginning of the year, Delivery started to actively transfer the clients to electronic document flow. In July, Delivery, along with M.E.Doc (the most popular program in Ukraine for primary documentation exchange and submission of reports in electronic form), suggested its clients to use the alternative online service “Vchasno”.

Since the launch of “Vchasno”, 2980 companies and 3321 users have been already connected to the service. The growth of documents signing increased by 35% as of August, 2017. All the same, many companies continue to avoid electronic signing of documents, or secure themselves with paper copies.

Starting from the year 2003, the legitimacy of electronic document flow is confirmed with the Law of Ukraine “About electronic documents and electronic document flow”, the Law of Ukraine “About electronic signature”, and it is also recognized by Fiscal Service of Ukraine. The possibility of audits in electronic form is discussed out of public view. Such processes afford ground for gradual avoiding of paper copies, making the cooperation of our business clients and partners simpler”, – comments Krishtal-Mindorina Lilia, Chief Accountant of Delivery.

At the moment, Delivery is involved in the development of the user account extended services, where the clients could see acceptance acts for services rendered, calculations, and invoices. It will be possible to sign documents by means of electronic signature.


Retail innovations meetup took place in the “Delivery Group” client service center


Portal Retailers.ua, in cooperation with Delivery Group, ran the third meeting in the format of Retail Innovations MeetUp at the address: 15/2 Velyka Vasylkivska St.

In the framework of the event, innovation companies that develop projects to increase sales for the retail audience, shared their experience: from the place of opening retail outlets through analysis of the number of orders in a particular part of the city – to an interactive advertising in a taxi.

Artem Shevchenko (CEO & Founder) Hubber told us how a supplier cab easily enter well-known marketplaces of Ukraine through the Hubber network, without thinking about marketing promotion. In this network, suppliers provide information about the goods and services prices, and the retailers find them and negotiate about partnership.

Mykola Honcharov (Founder of iPromo) told about the project of internet promotion for small and medium business. The project is wholly automated for the clients, although it includes the work of a creative team, content specialists, as well as internet marketologists, and analysts.

Vyacheslava Levchenko (CEO& Founder of Hubble Ukraine) shared the results of a research about a generation of millennials: their individual preferences and high requirements to service. The research was the foundation to elaborate a start-up on advertising in Uber taxis. Before launching in Ukraine, the start-up worked in SAR. Ukrainian market was chosen as the fastest growing for business of Uber.

Ievhen Belobrov (senior consultant in Data Analytics Smart Business projects) shared considerable cases of the company to use computer intelligence in retail: identifying the goods on the shelf, forecasting sales due to weather conditions, analysis of the mood of the buyers in off-line shops through video cameras and many other things.

The guests of the event were interested representatives of retail networks, suppliers, service companies and all those who want to keep up with the innovation trends.

Let us remind, Center of client service  of Delivery Group is a corporate platform of a group of companies. The main goal of the Center of client service is to create an opportunity for continuous professional and personal growth on the basis of innovation practices and unique experience of the companies – players of the market.

Should you have questions to run master classes, net-working, conferences, forums, and business breakfasts at the  Center of client service of Delivery Group, you can refer by the following telephone number +38 (067) 553-75-51.


General director of “Delivery” together with community organization “Ukrainian entrepreneurs’ union” met the President of Ukraine


Dialog of business and the authorities took place at the highest level. Ukrainian entrepreneurs were represented by Ukrainian Entrepreneurs’ Union (UEU) at the meeting with the first persons of the state, and “Delivery” is an active member of the Union. Together, more than 300 representatives of business were at the meeting from all over Ukraine. “Delivery” was represented by its General Director Olena Lakatosh.

The meeting was opened by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman. The President and the Prime Minister told about the pace of economic reforms and shared with the achievements of the state for the last year. Among the main things – improvement of macroeconomic situation in the country, introduction of visa-free regime with the EU, Agreement about association between Ukraine and the EU was commenced, and others.

First vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, Stepan Kubov, Chairman of the Committee of Verkhovna Rada on issues of tax and customs policies, Nina Yuzhanina, the secretary of the National Investment Council, Boris Lozhkin were present in the auditorium.

The main topic of the sincere talk became illegal actions of law enforcement authorities towards the business. That is why it was very important that there were present representatives of the Power block: General Prosecutor of Ukraine Yurii Lutsenko, Chairman of the National Police of Ukraine, Serhii Kniazev and others.

Another block of issues that were raised by UEU touched deregulation and business climate. The Union aspires to have maximum decrease of influence of the state to business by creating comfortable and fair conditions for development. UEU once again reminded about necessity of urgent approval of deregulation laws that have been in the Verkhovna Rada for a long time.

The entrepreneurs paid particular attention to issues of privatization, currency liberalization, and protection of rights of the creditors.

The most important thing was that the President, the Prime Minister, the General Prosecutor admitted pressure from the law-enforcement structures as problem number one for the Ukrainian business. The top people of the state promised to stop “mask-shows” very soon and by the end of the year to hold the Day of deregulation in the parliament and issue the necessary laws that influence the conditions of running businesses in Ukraine.

Let us remind that “Delivery” takes active part in UEU activities: following the initiative of the company, the Committee of transportation and logistics was created, today it is headed by Andrii Ivasiv (deputy chairman of  Delivery Group). For the year of existence, the Committee was joined by more than 70 companies – members of UEU. Active work on perfecting legislation foundation in the field of logistics, transportation, and infrastructure is being provided and also lobbying interests of entrepreneurs at the national scale.

Become the member of UEU  and join the Transportation and Logistics Committee!


Multichannel system of ordering pick-ups and cargo deliveries

The most popular Delivery service from the optional ones as of today is pick-up and delivery of cargo at the specified address. Thus, only for the first six months of 2016, the share of addressed service reached 25% from all the transportations.

One of the main requirement to this service is not only the speed of the order performance, but simplicity of its performance.

For this purpose a multichannel system of processing orders for addressed pick-up and delivery was developed:

  1. Through the website delivery-auto.com
  2. Via Viber (067) 216 00 42, (067) 628 47 45
  3. In the personal area
  4. Through mobile application “Delivery-Auto” (available on Play Market and App Store)
  5. Through a call-back service
  6. By calling to the Hotline 0 800 509 509 (choose menu item 3)

Order a service of pick-up/ delivery by any convenient way for you!


Work of warehouse Chernivtsi-1 is temporarily suspended

Dear clients,

Let us drive your attention to the fact that on September 18, warehouse Chernivtsi-1 is not going to work due to technical reasons.

We are going to inform about renewal of work of the representative office later.

Follow our information updates on the website.


Opening a new representative office in Kherson-3 city (Kherson region)

Dear clients!

We are glad to inform you that on September 18, new representative office in Kherson-3 city (Kherson region) is opening.

We are waiting for you at the address: 4, Parovozna street

Phone(067) 541-87-41

Working hours:

Mon. – Fri: from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm
Sat: from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.
Sun: Day-off

You are welcome!


"Delivery" launched C.O.D. on 3 more warehouses!

Logistic company "Delivery" actively expands Cash On Delivery service!

From September 14, the service starts working at the representative offices of the company Kyiv - 5, Nikopol - 1, Nizhyn!

"Cash on Delivery" service allows the clients to pay cash for the goods.

Cash on Delivery service is available for all the kinds of deliveries: cargo, parcels, pallets, tires.

In the future the company plans to increase the number of the departments where the service can be used and give the clients an opportunity to transfer cash for the goods in other cities of Ukraine.  

Let us remind you, that from July 2016, the COD service was launched on 86 representative offices already:

Kyiv - 7
Poltava - 1
Bila Tserkva
Kovel - 1
Rivne - 1
Rivne - 2
Kremenchuk - 1
Boryspil - 1
Kryvyi Rih - 1
Brovary- 1
Vinnytsia - 1
Lutsk - 1
Lutsk - 2
Lviv - 3
Sumy - 1
Lviv - 1
Ternopil - 1
Dnipro - 1
Ternopil - 2
Dnipro - 2
Mariupol - 1
Dnipro - 4
Uman - 1
Dnipro - 3
NEW Nizhyn
Kharkiv - 1
Zhytomyr - 1
Mykolaiv - 1
Kharkiv - 4
Zaporizhzhia - 1
Mykolaiv - 2
Kharkiv - 5
Zaporizhzhia - 3
NEW Nikopol - 1
Kharkiv - 6
Zaporizhzhia - 4
Kharkiv - 7
Kharkiv - 8
Kherson - 1
Kamianets-Podilskyi - 2
Odesa - 1
Khmelnytskyi - 2
Odesa - 4
Khmelnytskyi - 3
Kyiv - 1
Odesa - 5
Kyiv - 12
Odesa - 7
Cherkasy - 1
Kyiv - 14
Chernihiv - 1
Kyiv - 2
Podilsk (Kotovsk)
Chernivtsi - 1
Kyiv - 3
Pokrovsk - 1
NEW Kyiv - 5
Poltava - 3


С детальной информацией по услуге «Наложенный платёж наличными» можно ознакомиться здесь


Offer “i want to get more in september!”

September makes your wishes come true!
Get much more from usual services!

For each your sent or received item we return you 10 UAH as bonuses*!

*100 bonuses (points) – equals to 10 UAH in your virtual wallet.

In order to take part in the offer:

  1. Register in the loyalty program  “Club of  Delivery Group”.
  2. Send or receive the cargo at one of  the warehouses that take part in the offer
  3. Be the payer on the receipt.

The offer is valid from September 13, 2017 to September 30, 2017.

You can exchange your points:

·         For payment of transportation from warehouse to warehouse

·         For branded presents

Let this autumn be productive for you!

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