The order of “Cash on delivery” service was changed

Dear Clients!

Draw your attention to the important changes in the order of “Cash on delivery” service.

We would ask you to receive the money transfers sent in your name within a day of receiving of SMS message about the money transfer.

In case of impossibility to receive a money transfer for any reasons within a day of SMS message receiving, we would ask you to coordinate another day for the money transfer receiving with the specialists of the representative office where you are going to receive the money transfer.

These changes are approved according to the Resolution of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine No 148 from December 29, 2017 “On Approval of the Regulations on the Cash Flow Operations in the National Currency in Ukraine". In accordance with the requirements of this Resolution, non-bank financial institutions are obliged to adhere to the cash limits at the cash desks, these limits are determined according to the corresponding calculations.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding!


Delivery renewed voice menu

Delivery is a managing company of Delivery Group - has optimized the voice menu. In particular, the company created possibility to receive calls on separate lines for customers of the company and service providers.

Additional telephone line let to distribute incoming calls and to unload the main phone number of call-centre for the customers –0 800 509 509.

In the renewed system the most actual information for the current customers is divided into some units: receipt information, address cargo pick-up and delivery, complaint/ gratitude, services of the companies of Delivery Group, Personal Area. Hereby it is provided direct contact of customers with subject matter specialists for effective solution of operating issues, consideration of proposals, receiving of information.

Prospective clients of Delivery Company may directly order the business proposal, offer participation in tender or conclude cooperation agreement.

As a result the menu became even easier and more convenient, it offers wide self -service functionality, it significantly cut time for connection with subject matter specialist, it let subscriber to manage contact with the company by himself.

“Thanks to the new voice menu we managed to decrease load on the call-centre for 30% and waiting time of the customer on the line, - commented Olena Lakatosh, the General Director of Delivery. – We conducted a long-term study of customers’ behavior who called to our call-centre before renewal of voice menu. We are sure that the innovation will significantly raise efficiency of communication between Delivery Company and our customers.


Opening a new warehouse in Kyiv city (warehouse Kyiv-18)

Dear clients! 

We are glad to inform you that on April 10 new representative office of the company will be opened in Kyiv city (warehouse Kyiv-18).

We are waiting for you at the address: 80, Lisna Str.

Telephone: (067) 434-74-62

Working hours: 

MON - FRI: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

SAT: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM


You are welcome!


Зі світлим святом Великодня!

Компанія «Делівері» вітає Вас зі світлим та радісним святом Великодня!

Щиро бажаємо Вам та Вашим родинам миру, добробуту, міцного здоров’я.

Нехай Ваші серця заповнюються радістю, а Великодні дзвони, духмяна паска та яскраві писанки принесуть у Ваші оселі любов, злагоду та світлу радість!

Нехай у цей день здійсняться усі Ваші добрі задуми та справи!

Радісних Вам Свят!


Графік виплат коштів із послугою "післяплата готівкою" у святкові дні

Шановні клієнти! Звертаємо Вашу увагу, що виплати коштів із послуги "післяплата готівкою" на період Пасхи 2018 будуть проводитись згідно графіку:

  • квитанції, що оплачені після 6 квітня після 13:00 - виплати із послуги "післяплата готівкою" доступні з 11 квітня після 13:30;
  • квитанції, що оплачені після 5 квітня після 13:00 та до 6 квітня до 13:30 - виплати із послуги "післяплата готівкою" доступні з 10 квітня після 13:30;

Попередньо просимо звертатись на склад для уточнення можливості виплати із послуги "післяплата готівкою".

При виникненні питань про послугу "післяплата готівкою" просимо звертатись за тел.: (067) 623 00 86.

Дякуємо за Ваше розуміння!


“Delivery” and Prom.ua launched a common project!

Companies “Delivery” and Prom.ua offer to send the goods at reduced tariffs by using special discount offer to the clients. From this time on, those who do shopping at Prom.ua can use delivery service of the company “Delivery” with a 10% discount directly at the web page of the goods in which they are interested. To use this service during ordering at the web site of the market place you just need to select delivery by the company “Delivery” (discount – 10%) and to wait for your goods at the selected representative office of the company. The advantages for the buyers are the trusted sellers of the biggest market place of Ukraine and a favourable price for delivery of the goods.

The customer can choose the delivery by Delivery Company in the case when the seller has joined the necessary application in Personal area on Prom.ua

The sellers at Prom.ua in the course of the order confirmation generate the coupon with a discount for the buyer for delivery “Delivery” which can be used by two ways: at the time of shipment of the goods or during on-line processing of the receipt in the Personal area.  Furthermore, by using the Personal area for filling up the shipment, the seller can save some time and send his goods at the Delivery warehouse faster. More information about all the advantages for the sellers and the buyers are here.

Choose goods at Prom.ua and save some money on logistics delivering by “Delivery”!


Delivery summed up the results of the 1st quarter of 2018.

For 16 years, Delivery has become one of the leading freight companies that form the transportation market. Deputy Chairman of the Board Andriy Ivasiv explained the secret of the company's success and shared his first achievements in 2018.

Andriy said that success is largely due to the correctly chosen strategy of Delivery that is based on a clear vision of its client. "In the transportation niche, we focus on the segment of the consolidated cargoes and pallet transportation, which constitutes 97% of the company's transportations. The prevalent number of our services is tooled for businesses, whose average dispatch at one time has already reached 237 kg" - Mr. Ivasiv comments.

From January to April 2018, Delivery expanded its zone of presence at a rapid pace: 11 new cargo warehouses equipped with the necessary loading and unloading equipment were opened in industrial areas with easy access to goods lines. This conscious policy of the company allows to free up the traditional infrastructure for freight traffic and increase the speed of transportation for the client. Having expanded the representative network to 303 warehouses, Delivery became the operator with the most developed geography of freight offices in Ukraine.

Proportionally with the area of storage facilities, the area accessible to customers under Secure Storage has also increased. The demanded service is now used by more than 80 business customers, and the number of them is constantly growing. 

It should be noted that in the 1st quarter of 2018 the share of the company's targeted services increased by 11%. Growth, in comparison with the same period in 2017, can be attributed to the introduction of new services: the possibility of ordering a vehicle with a tail lift, which is especially demanded for the transportation of pallets, as well as a standardized service for the delivery of oversized cargo.

The company pays special attention to security matters. Starting from the wide diversity of a special package for freight transportations (metal and furniture containers, pallet collar) - to daily control of the share of loss and damage to cargo, which in January-April 2018 amounted to only 0.0042% and 0.1075% respectively. For the insurance of transportation, a partnership was concluded with IC Kvorum, which is part of the Delivery group of companies. It compensates losses for cargo with an estimated value of UAH 1001. Real insurance allowed to increase the share of cargo insured in Delivery up to 65%. Its estimated value exceeds UAH 600-700 million per month, which is only a part of the real potential of the market. 

The complex of measures for strengthening the niche of freight transportation shows its effectiveness: the daily amount of consolidated cargoes that passes through Delivery in the 1st quarter increased by 10%, pallets - by 48%. "These figures assure us of the correctness of the chosen strategy. Clients whose shipments go beyond the ordinary parcel, turn to Delivery for a full range of services: for available special packaging and for outsourcing of personnel in the client's warehouses. After all, we possess all the necessary tools for quality transportation of the combined cargo: from 100% of cargo warehouses with special equipment - to transportation of inconvenient oversized cargoes," - Andriy Ivasiv summarizes.


Special offer "Meet the Heat in a Hammock"

Participate in the special offer - meet the heat in a hammock!

Do you want to win a bright spring prize from "Delivery"?

Send cargoes from any "Delivery" warehouse from April 03 to May 31 and participate in the weekly drawing of beautiful bright hammocks and a bonus gift - a picnic set!

All consignors take part in the special offer, who have the amount of transportation in one receipt more than 350 UAH. (Warehouse - Warehouse). The sending can be carried out from any warehouse in Ukraine.

The drawing of bright hammocks will take place every Friday, and a picnic set - on 1.

The names of the winners will be published on our website and in social networks.

Meet the spring heat in bright colours!


Peculiarities of work of representative offices of Delivery in Odesa city

Dear Clients!

Draw your attention to the fact that the administration of Manufactured goods market in Odesa city (market “ The 7th kilometer”) - announced that April 08 and April 09 - are days off.

Due to this fact, the representative offices Odesa-3, Odesa-5, and Odesa-6 are going not to work within specified dates.

Thank you for your understanding!


Offer “I want more this April”

Are you tired from cold and cloudy weather? Do you want more positive emotions and new possibilities? Treat yourself to the gifts and additional spring discounts this month.

From April 03 to April 30 for every shipment or receipt of cargo via Delivery Company, we return 10 UAH of bonuses to your virtual wallet in Loyalty program! 

100 bonuses (points) is the equivalent of 10 UAH in a virtual wallet.

You will be able to spend the accumulated points for payment for transportations "Warehouse - Warehouse” via Delivery Company, or exchange them for pleasant gifts.

To take part in the special offer:

  1. Register in the loyalty program Club Delivery Group
  2. Send or receive cargo from one of the warehouses participating in the special offer
  3. Be a payer on the receipt.

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