Details of warehouse work in Illintsi city (Vinnytsia region)

Dear clients!

From September 21, 2018 the warehouse of the company in Illintsi city(Vinnytsia region) will temporary stop its work.

We will additionally inform about renewal of work of the warehouse at the site of the company.

We offer you to make use of services of the nearest office in Haisyn city, at the address 15A 50-richia SRSR (15A Mekhanizatoriv street) or to order address pickup/ delivery of cargo.


Details of work of warehouse No 1 in Poltava city

Dear Clients!

Pay attention that on September 20 there is no electricity at the warehouse No 1 in Poltava city during the day what may lead to inconspicuous service delays.

We ask you to be understanding of the current situation. 


Moving of the warehouse in Bakhmut city (Artemovsk)

Dear Clients!

Pay attention that from September 22 the warehouse in Bakhmut city (Artemovsk) will move to a new address: 1A Michuryna street.

We remind that “Delivery” company continues to open new warehouses at accessible locations with convenient entrances. The representative offices that were opened earlier change their addresses to be closer to you!

Follow the informative updates of the website.


The page with recommendations of appropriate packaging of cargo was added to the Delivery Company website.

Dear Clients!

On September 12 the page with recommendations of appropriate packaging of cargo was added to  the Delivery Company website. The main goal of this notice is the information support of the clients regarding correct packaging of cargo with the use of appropriate materials which will provide cargo safety during whole transportation.

Due to the fact that the sender is always responsible for appropriate packaging and sometimes your cargoes travel thousands of kilometers before the receiver gets hold of them, professional recommendations of logistics company are the most valuable for the clients.

At the page the whole list of probable sendings is divided into 8 categories of cargo: car, bicycle, motorcycle; household appliances and office appliances; furniture; equipment; industrial goods; building materials; containers and packages; household products. Advanced list of the types of cargo is presented in each of the categories separately - the more specifically search is - the more correctly recommendation client gets. Notice was created in such way that takes in account quantity of the transported cargo. For example, the additional packaging is needed for the parcel forms of cargo, consolidated cargo or pallet.

You can find the recommendations of appropriate packaging of cargo HERE.

Delivery Company aspires to deliver your cargoes in time and in full.


Special offer "I want more this September!"


Autumn is said to be a sad season: summer warmth, vacations and holidays are almost over...but not our gifts! You can continue summer season for whole September and get even more pleasant emotions and surprises! 

Make 100 sendings via “Delivery” in September and get 100 UAH in a virtual wallet of loyalty program “Club Delivery Group”!

You can exchange accumulated money for payment for transportations or for pleasant gifts.

Meet the velvet season brightly!


Peculiarities of work of the warehouse in Novotroitske city (Kherson region)

Dear Clients!

The warehouse of the company in Novotroitske city temporarily suspends its work due to technical difficulties.

There will be a further announcement about resuming of the warehouse’s work at the website of the company.

We suggest you to use the services of the nearest warehouse in Henichesk city at the address:

109 Б Myru str., or order address pickup / delivery of cargo.

You can find detailed information about services of “Delivery” at the tariffs at the website.


Opening a new warehouse in Chop city (Zakarpattia region)

Dear clients!

We are glad to inform you that on Septenber 5 representative office will be opened in Chop city (Zakarpattia region).

We are waiting for you at the address: 6 A, Prikordonniy Lane
(067) 215-32-99

Schedule of work:
MON - FR: 09:00-18:00
SAT: 09:00-15:00
SUN: is a day off

We will be glad to see you!


"Делівері" збільшила обслуговування будівельної галузі вдвічі

У серпні логістична компанія "Делівері" збільшила кількість відправок вантажу будівельної галузі на 50%. Найпопулярнішими категоріями відправки стали: стільниця до 4,2 м, плінтус до 1,2 м і 2,5 м, ламінат і паркет до 1,5 м, а також сипучі суміші до 25 кг, які сумарно склали 75% від загального обсягу перевезення будівельних матеріалів через "Делівері".

Позитивна динаміка пов'язана з липневим запуском першого в Україні галузевого рішення «Будівельний прайс». В рамках його дії компанія прив'язала вартість перевезення будівельних матеріалів до кількості відправленого вантажу, а не до його ваги чи об'єму. Оплата проводиться за одиницю вантажу, за єдиними тарифами без прив'язки до тарифних зон. Плата за оформлення квитанції не стягується.

«Будівельний прайс» поширюється на відправку: драбини, рідкі будівельні матеріали (лаки, фарби, грунтовки, клей, шпаклівки, затирка) сипучі суміші в мішках, профілі, плінтуси, стільниці, ламінат і паркет, плитка, звукоізоляційні матеріали, різні види сіток (рабиця, оцинкована і т.д.) підвісні / гіпсові стелі, гофротруби для електрики, а також зливні та каналізаційні пластикові труби.

«Обсяг світового ринку будматеріалів уже до 2020 року досягне 1,1 трильйона доларів США. Україна не відстає від світових тенденцій і переймає тренди сталого розвитку будівельної галузі, нарощуючи використання екологічних матеріалів при виробництві, а також нішеву сегментацію галузі. Оптимізація питань логістики та спрощення тарифікації перевезення будматеріалів стали актуальними рішеннями, що співвідносяться з вимогами ринку», - прокоментувала впровадження "Будівельного прайсу" директор департаменту залучення та обслуговування клієнтів Оксана Кошик.

Детальніше з «Будівельним прайсом» можна ознайомитися ТУТ


“Delivery” reviews the tariffs for transportation through the territory of Ukraine

Logistics company “Delivery” put in force renewed tariffs for delivery through the territory of Ukraine which will be effective from September 01.

In particular, the cost for delivery for the cargoes with weight more than 30 kg is going to be changed. Average tariff raising in this category will be amount to 6% depending on the direction which corresponds to the tariff area. The minimum cost of transportation of 1 kg of the cargo through the tariff area “ST” (within the border of one region) is 1,85 UAH and for 1 sq.m. is 475 UAH.

The Company also reviews the cost of transportation of pallet cargoes to the warehouse. This changes will be related to all tariff areas and average rising will be amount to 5.7 %. Herewith, on the basis of internal analysis of Delivery Company the pallet price will remain one of the beneficial in the competitive environment: for example, the cost of transportation of europallet with weight of 500 kg along the rout Kyiv - Odesa for the client will be amount to 825 UAH only.

The cost of execution of one unit of cargo will be amount to 5 UAH and the execution of the receipt through the Personal area by the client himself will be amount to 3 UAH and this will allow client to reduce costs for execution and save time during the cargo execution in the warehouse or at the address. The payment “For cargo execution” will not be collected during dispatching of pallet cargoes and packages, industry solutions “Autoprice” and “Building price”, where the unified tariffs for transportation through the territory of Ukraine are valid.

Also the changes will be related to “Prohibition of cargo release” - price of one of the most popular services of the company will be 40 UAH under the condition of obligatory cargo insurance.

Change of the tariffs occurs due to rise of price for diesel fuel and exploitation costs (transport, rental of premises, goods and materials, packing materials, salary of employees).

Tariffs for transportation of documents and parcels, branch tariffs “Autoprice” and “Building price” and price for additional package stays without changes.

After analysis of updates, in accordance with estimates of the company itself “Delivery” stays one of the most appropriate at the market. The clients are offered transparent structure of pricing which allows to plan and control expenses, and that means to optimize logistics it means to optimize logistics.

For instance, “Delivery” offers the following system of discounts:

1) for transportation of deadweight cargo:

  • -5% - from 200 kg to 500 kg
  • -7% - from 500 kg to 1,000 kg
  • -10% from 1000 kg to 2,000 kg

2) for transportation of pallets:

  • -5% - from 3 pallets
  • -7% - from 5 pallets

3) economical tariff:

  • -5% when increasing the time of delivery by 24 hours

Besides, the company has a comprehensive program of loyalty for regular customers. The program “Delivery Group Club” lets accumulate loyalty points at the virtual account of the payer during using of services of four groups of the company: “Delivery”, “DelTruck”, “Delivery-International”, IC “Quorum” The accumulated points can be changed to pay for transporting “Warehouse to warehouse” through “Delivery” and also for pleasant presents.  


Second stage of voice menu changes has been completed in “Delivery”

“Delivery” made another step towards the clients, having completed the second stage of rational changes of the voice menu of the information line.

The changes were about remembering the language of the voice menu, which is chosen by the user only at first phone number. All other times when referring the telephone number 0 800 509 509, the client skips this step, considerably decreasing the time of contact.

The Company also reviewed the number of the lines of the voice menu for fast and convenient communication with the target department specialists and quick providing information to the clients.

For your convenience we are listing the items of the renewed voice menu:

«1» – Making application for addressed pick-up and delivery, information on the receipt, appreciation or complaint for the service, questions on the document flow and reciprocal payments, offers to take part in tenders, questions on work of the Personal Area.

«2» – Line for service suppliers, transporters, entrepreneurs, the ones who would like to open a representative office of “Delivery” in their city.

«3» – All the issues on services of international transportation.

«4» – Ordering cargo transportation from 5 tons and higher or from 5 pallets.

«5» – Open positions of the company.

“Prompt solving of the clients’ needs with high quality of service is a priority for the company. Fast pace of life and the logistics itself dictate conditions where the client needs to receive the needed “here and now”. Renewed voice menu simplifies access to information, saves time and improves level of availability of the “Delivery” employee for the client”, - commented executive director of “Delivery” Natalia Herasymenko.

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