We invite you to take a part in round table “Electronic waybill of: why is it still “above the law” in Ukraine and how its acceptance will influence logistic companies and retail market?

Round table “Electronic waybill: why is it still “above the law” in Ukraine and how its acceptance will influence logistic companies and retail market?” will be held on Wednesday, May 30, at 09:30 at Customer Service Center of “Delivery” company.

During this business event the representatives of post and logistics companies, retail market, members of Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs, representatives of companies who provide services on electronic document flow in Ukraine will state their opinion on necessity of establishment of electronic waybill as a new form of document that confirms the fact of transportation to complete substitution of paper form of waybill and also simplifying of business dealing and improvement of investment climate in the country.

The following topics will be discussed at the round table:

  • TOP-10 business requirements to government (on the ground of analysis of Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs) and whether these initiatives will be effective for the country?
  • Who or what restrains establishment of electronic waybill?
  • How presence of regulator affects development of logistic market?
  • What will change in work of post and logistics companies with appearance of electronic waybill and how its establishment will affect relations with suppliers?
  • Why one should refuse from paper version of waybill?
  • How established electronic waybill will affect relations with suppliers?


Andrii Ivasiv - co-founder of Delivery Group, Head of Committee on Transport and Logistics Issues at the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs;

Kostiantyn Karpenko - Director of Transport Logistics Department of PJSC “Ukrposhta”;

Serhii Badritdinov - Executive Director of “Intertop Ukraine”;

Oksana Ferchuk - Head of online-service of documents flow “Vchasno”.

The following persons will join conversation: Tymur Balan, Head of Rout and Traffic Flow Department of PJSC “Ukrposhta”; Olena Dundova, lawyer of Risk Management Department of “Nova Poshta”; Serhii Chubar, Head of Consolidated Cargoes Division of Zammler Regional Transportations Department; Oleh Rudkovskyi, co-founder of Sovtes LTD; Vladyslav Prytomanov, acting Head of Infrastructure Sector of Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO); Mykhailo Obolonskyi, Senior Project Manager of Reform Office of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine; Oleh Mishchenko, Senior Project Manager of Reform Office of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Time of business event: May 30, 09:30.

Place of location: 15/2, Velyka Vasylkivska street, Kyiv city, Customer Service Center of “Delivery” company.
To take part in the round table you should be registered with online-registration

Accreditation of mass media is obligated. Regarding accreditation write at okozhukhina@delivery-auto.com.ua.


Schedule of work of «Delivery» on Trinity Sunday

Dear clients!

To create comfortable conditions of collaboration with “Delivery”, we publish an approved schedule of work of the company for the period of Trinity Sunday.

May 26 - representative offices work according to usual schedule

May 27 – is a day off

May 28 - representative offices work from 09:00 am till 03:00 pm

May 29 - representative offices work according to usual schedule

Draw your attention to the fact, that all cargoes, accepted to be sent on May 28, will start moving on May 29 and will arrive to their points of destination according to the usual schedule.

We wish you bright Trinity Sunday!


Opening a new warehouse in Bila Tserkva city (warehouse №2)

Dear clients! 

We are glad to inform you that on May 21 new representative office of the company will be opened in Bila Tserkva city (warehouse "2).

We are waiting for you at the address: 48 A, Matrosova Str.

Telephone: (067) 434-81-83

Working hours: 

MON - FRI: 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM

SAT: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


You are welcome!


We invite you to complete a survey concerning geographic growth of courier delivery


Dear Clients!

In May 2017 we launched project of courier delivery of documents and parcels up to 2 kg through Kyiv city. On the test phase the service was launched only in the capital and it showed good results: on average the documents and parcels were delivered through Kyiv city faster for 3,5 hours of the declared term.

Most times inhabitants of Kiev city order delivery of baby stuff, toys, clothes, shoes, football attributes, fishing equipments, goods for creativity and handcraft.

Today we think about growth of service performance in regions: adding of million cities such as Odesa, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Lviv.

In order for us to provide more interesting conditions of courier delivery in your region we ask you to complete a brief survey.

Complete a survey here.


“Delivery” launched chat-bot in Telegram

“Delivery” launched service chat-bot in one of the most popular messengers - Telegram.

Virtual talker was created for quick and effective help to the clients of the company. Today chat-bot “Delivery-Auto” can:

  • to monitor dispatches and inform about their location in real time;
  • to calculate price of the transportation and to provide information concerning tariffs;
  • to order address delivery and pickup of cargo;
  • to seek for representative offices on the name of populated locality;
  • to select the most interesting special offers.

Online-assistant will be improved and it will be studying during the process of work. The more requests it processes, the faster and better its answers will be every time. In case if the chat-bot is not able to provide information on the targeted question for the client, the communication is shifted to the operator of contact-center “Delivery”.

To start communication with chat-bot “Delivery” tap in Telegram search box @DeliveryAutoBot and choose chat with corporate identity. In the opened dialogue press the button “START”. Choose necessary action.

In the nearest future “Delivery” chat-bots will be launched at other platforms - Messenger from Facebook and Viber.


Peculiarities of work of department No.3 in Mariupol city

Dear Clients!

Draw your attention to the fact that from May 14 the warehouse of the company Mariupol-3 changes the work schedule.

We are waiting for you:

MON - FR: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

SAT: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

We are glad to see you in our representative offices!


"Delivery" changes tariffs for addressed service and some types of additional services

Starting from May 14 of the current year, new tariffs for address pickup and delivery through Ukraine and for some types of additional services become valid in the company "Delivery".

For example, purchasing of 1 roll of transparent stretch wrap will cost the client 155 UAH, dark stretch wrap will cost 165 UAH. 

Price of address delivery under 100 kg stays the same: 25 UAH - documents, 50 UAH. - cargoes from 2 kg to 25 kg, 60 UAH. - cargoes under 100 kg. Change of price relates to address delivery of bigger dispatches. Minimal tariff for address delivery of cargoes under 5,000 kg will be 125 UAH. (formerly - 105 UAH) In addition, the client may order separate car for pickup/ delivery - 2 t, 5 t, 10 t, 20 t.

Change of tariffs is caused by rise of costs for development of logistic part and also business processes aimed to improve quality of client servicing.

You can find the price list here.

We remind that previously “Delivery” implemented new type of information distribution about order status of cargo pickup by means of Viber messages and SMS. Now the clients quickly receive information about the fact that the cargo was picked up from the stated address and it is ready for dispatching.

The service works through the all territory of Ukraine.  The messages from the company comes under the only name DeliveryLTD.


Готуй авто до літа разом із «Делівері-Експрес»!


Только с 11 мая по 11 июня при заказе курьерской доставки документов по Киеву категории «Бизнес», дарим сразу 4 скидки на обслуживание авто!

Получите от курьера один из двух купонов на выбор:

Купон 1. Три скидки до -50% на обслуживание авто на Шиномонтаже на Печерске!


Купон 2. -15% скидки на порошковую покраску дисков в Global Tires.

При заказе доставки «Бизнес» Вы автоматически получаете свой купон, а какой именно - выбирать уже Вам!

Спешите получить свою скидку и придать своему авто нового совершенного вида прямо сейчас!


Opening a new warehouse in Lubotin city (Kharkiv region)

Dear clients! 

We are glad to inform you that on May 11 new representative office of the company will be opened in Lubotin city (Kharkiv region).

We are waiting for you at the address: 125 B, Slobozhanska Str.

Telephone: (067) 434-82-26

Working hours: 

MON - FRI: 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM

SAT: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM


You are welcome!


"DELIVERY" invites to cooperate on franchising conditions in 5 regions!


Logistic company “Delivery” invites to cooperate on franchising conditions in Vesele township (Zaporizhia region), Hlobyne city (Poltava region), Valky city and Krasnokutsk township (Kharkiv region), Velyki Kopani village (Kherson region), Mena city (Chernihiv region)

Reliability of the partner company is confirmed by 16-year experience in the field of automobile transportations and belonging to a large group of companies "Delivery Group":

  • Brand of national scale.
  • Mutual participation in advertising campaigns.
  • Сall-centre, on-call solving issues of the clients.
  • Support by Customer Service Department.

Additional privileges:

  • Low financial threshold of entering.
  • Forecast ROI - from 6 months.
  • Receiving of additional incomes from full-freight transportations and international transportations from companies DelTruck and Delivery-International.

You may find detailed information about conditions here.

If you are interested in cooperation, fill in the application, and we will contact you.

Success of our company is in development of our partners!

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