Work of the warehouse in Vesele township is temporarily suspended

Dear Clients!

Taking into account the re-signing of the agreement with partners, the warehouse of the company in Vesele township (Zaporizhzhia region) temporarily suspends its work.

About resumption of the warehouse work at the new address it will be announced additionally at the website of the company.

We suggest you to use the services of the nearest warehouse in Melitopol city at the address 103/3 Lesi Ukrainky str., or order address pickup / delivery of cargo.

You can find detailed information about services of “Delivery” at the tariffs at the website.


Opening of new representative office No 3 in Mykolaiv city

Dear clients!

We are glad to inform you that on June 7 representative office No 3 will be opened in Mykolaiv city.

We are waiting for you at the address: 34 Doktora Samoilovycha street (Zhovtnevyi district)

Telephone: (067) 690-59-01

Schedule of work:

MON - FR: 09:00-18:00

SAT: 09:00-15:00

SUN: is a day off

We will be glad to see you!


“I want more this June!”

The summer has come so does the time of vacation. There is a desire to get a warm on a beach, or to find out new places on feet. “Delivery” company offers to collect points for the bright gifts, that come in useful this summer trip. Picnic sets, radio-controlled helicopters, vehicle chargers, flame-coloured cups, elegant sets for cheese and many other gifts are prepared for the participants of the offer “I want more this June!” Conditions are quite simple:
  1. Register in the loyalty program Club Delivery Group
  2. Dispatch from / to 22-offered warehouses
  3. Be payer for receipt.

For each your dispatch we return 100 points in a virtual wallet that you can change for:

  • Payment of Warehouse-Warehouse transportations
  • One of the gifts offered in the loyalty program list
The additional super-prize will be drew among participants at the end of the month. Because we, more than anyone, know how to bring joy to our clients.

Get more this summer!


Warehouse in Sviatohirsk city stops its work

Dear Clients!

Taking into account the re-signing of the agreement with partners, the warehouse of the company in Sviatohirsk city (Donetsk region) temporarily suspends its work.

About resumption of the warehouse work at the new address it will be announced additionally at the website of the company.

We suggest you to use the services of the nearest warehouse in Sloviansk city at the address 81 Poshtova street or order address pickup / delivery of cargo.

You can find detailed information about services of “Delivery” at the tariffs at the website.


IC “Kvorum” changed tariff on the cargoes insurance

To optimize process of insurance the portfolio management IC “Kvorum” changed tariffs on the cargoes insurance. Changes involved categories of the cargoes with declared value up to 3,000 UAH, including the followings:

  • fixed payment for the cargoes insurance at the amount of up to 1,001 UAH. - 6.00 UAH
  • payment for the cargoes insurance at the amount of 1,001 - 3,000 UAH. - 0,6% from insured amount

Insurance tariff 0,4% for the cargoes with the declared value from 3,001 UAH stays without changes.

Herewith, tariff policy for the clients who concluded Open Cover Insurance Policy also stays without changes.


New service “Cargo delivery by separate car”

Dear Clients!

A new service “Cargo delivery by separate car” will be launched starting from June 01. The service is available for residents of cities where warehouses of the company “Delivery” are represented. The clients can place the order for car up to 2 t, 5 t, 10 t, 20 t.

Tariffs on service “Cargo delivery by separate car”:


   Tariff, UAH.

   Cargo delivery by separate car up to 2,000 kg


   Cargo delivery by separate car up to 5,000 kg


   Cargo delivery by separate car up to 10,000 kg


   Cargo delivery by separate car up to 20,000 kg


You can order address pick up or cargo delivery through one of the most convenient channels for you:

We remind that previously company “Delivery” launched service “Cargo pick up by separate car”.


Особливості роботи відділення №2 в м. Полтава

Шановні клієнти!

Зверніть увагу, що склад №2 в м. Полтава (вул. Комарова,5) тимчасово працюватиме по пропускній системі.

За додатковою інформацією, щодо відправки/отримання вантажів на цьому представництві, звертайтесь за номером телефону (067) 621 94 28.


Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine should take into account the business requirements on acceptance of electronic waybill as one of TOP-10 business requirements to government determined by the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs

This was the topic of the Round table “Electronic waybill: why is it still “above the law” in Ukraine and how its acceptance will influence logistics companies and retail market?” which took place in Kyiv city on May 30, 2018

The representatives of such companies as: “Ukraposhta”. “Nova Poshta”, “Delivery” DB Schenker, Zammler Group, Sovtes LTD, Denka Logistics, «Intertop Ukraine», «Kernel», “Wine Bureau”, “Amadeo”, E-commerce Expert platform and online-service of documents flow “Vchasno”, and Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) took part in this event. Some representatives of Reform Office of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine were also invited but nobody of them came.

Paper-free and electronic waybill establishment were included into TOP-10 business requirements to government represented by the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs on the ground of analysis of the main problems which block the business development.

At the event, the attention of public and media was drawn to the necessity of the prompt implementation of electronic waybill into cargo transportation process. According to Andrii Ivasiv, Head of Committee on Transport and Logistics Issues at the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs and Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Delivery company, the electronic form of waybill will free the members of cargo transportation market from financial charges and loss of time which connected with mistakes of manual data input and reissuance of this primary document in case of lost, damage or not return. The procedure for tracking of documents flow between the participants of cargo transportation process will become easier, as during few minutes after the cargo delivery and documents execution, all participants will receive the electronic waybill with electronic signature of all parties. As a result, the cost for use of electronic waybill will be by several times lower than for paper one.

Serhii Badritdinov, the Executive Director of “Intertop Ukraine”, Head of Committee on Retail Trade Issues at the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs noted: “The first ones, who we should think about, are our clients. In case of electronic waybill implementation they could receive their ordered goods by several times faster than now. Furthermore, we can talk a lot about necessary reforms in the country, can make plans and strategies, but there are some things which the government could change without serious consequences and in the shortest time – one just should give credence to the suggestions of Ukrainian business. Among them is acceptance of the electronic waybill”.

“As well as some time ago we withdrew from the rock painting and clay tablets, we should step outside of the paper. When all the world involved in global digitalization, in Ukraine we still execute raft of paper documents. It takes a lot of human and economic resources. Otherwise, crossing over to electronic document flow, the companies could provide services or ship goods faster, increase profitability and raise wages by dividing leftover funds between the employees of the company… The issue on electronic waybill implementation should not be considered as “to implement” or “not to implement”, the right presentation of an issue is “How should we implement?” It seems that some workers of “Ukrposhta” are still not ready to such innovations, but when they will be ready to this the legal framework should allow to execute electronic documents flow,” – emphasized Kostiantyn Karpenko, Director of Transport Logistics Department of PJSC “Ukrposhta”.

According to Oksana Ferchuk, Head of online-service of documents flow “Vchasno”, the electronic waybill is already legal document in Ukraine, it is just not used. “First, because the large volume of business depends on it and it is very difficult to change the process. Second, our way of thinking does not allow to refuse from the paper. But this situation should be changed and we see some steps to do it. First of all, one should alter the Order of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine for direct determination of the document text to achieve confidence of the accountants and total crossover of all industry. Then, one should approve standard of the electronic document and this could be done without the government participation. In the process of use of the document, we will need the unified form of the document which will be followed by all operators of electronic document flow. And then mass use of electronic waybill will start. In such way we will make one step to digitalization of Ukrainian business,” – stated Oksana Ferchuk.

Among all ex-USSR countries Georgia and Belarus have successful practices of electronic waybill implementation. For example, in the last one, the flow of electronic waybill is up to 120 million units and the potential savings from refusing from the paper form of this document is up to 600 million Euro per year. The participants of the round table agreed that the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine should assist in acceptance of electronic form of waybill for road transportation. As the electronic waybill is the issue not only about the easier way to do business or faster document flow, but this is about the image of our country in general. The world does not stand still, it is developed by implementation of new technologies and process, but we are beyond competition. It is time to change it!


“Delivery” launched service chat-bot for Facebook Messenger

Logistics company “Delivery” launched service chat-bot, with help of which clients can calculate price of transportation, monitor dispatches, seek for representative offices on the map, order address delivery and pickup, communicate with operator of the company directly.

The task of bot - is to improve communication between clients and “Delivery”. Digital assistant works on the principle of dialog with client.

User has an access to 7 main sections in chat-bot menu: “Tariffs”, “Receipts”, “Calculator”, “Seek for the representative offices”, “Pickup/delivery of the cargo”, “Orders”, “Chat with operator”. To start communication, user of the official page of Delivery in Facebook has to address to chat-bot, pushing the button “Message”, and chose the section of interest. While working with mobile device clients can go to Messenger directly. Type deliveryauto at the top search line. When dealing with main menu of the opening panel you should choose the necessary function.

“During mass digitalization time becomes the main resource. We have brought the main services and functions to Facebook Messenger for our clients to save time on necessary information searching. I am sure that the chat-bot will make the services order easier and faster”, - commented Olena Lakatosh, the general director of “Delivery”.  

We remind that a few weeks earlier “Delivery” launched the chat-bot for Telegram.


Особенности работы склада № 2 в г. Полтава

Уважаемые клиенты!

Обращаем Ваше внимание, что по техническим причинам 31 мая не будет работать склад в г. Полтава (представительство № 2), который расположен по адресу: ул. Комарова, 5.

1 июня работа склада будет восстановлена.

Приносим извинения за временные неудобства.

Следите за обновлениями информации на нашем сайте.

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