Delivery Company is a partner of Agro Tusa industrial workshop

Within framework of agricultural industry support, Delivery Company acts as a partner of Agro Tusa industrial workshop. This event calls together to one ground the owners of real productions of Rivne region, the business coaches, the farmers who are interested in the development of their business.

Agro Tusa Workshop combines the intellectual work and recreation. In addition to useful content - speaking engagements - the guests will be proposed to take part in interesting competitions, to have a taste of healthy foods, take a foray in business games.

Logistics Company “Delivery” prepared the special offer for all participants of the event: gift vouchers with discounts for transportation of agricultural goods, component parts for farming equipments and agricultural chemicals.

Agro Tusa Workshop will take place on August 11, 2018 at 05-00 p.m. at the address: Rivne city, 8 Peresopnytska street (Kavasutra yard)

More information about the event is here.


Special deal "I want more this August"

The last month of hot summer!

It means that it is the time to realize your most daring desires and fill this August with unforgettable emotions and bright impressions!

Be more brave and receive even more!

Make 100 dispatches via “Delivery” in August and get 100 UAH in a virtual wallet of loyalty program “Club Delivery Group”!

You can exchange accrued money for payment for transportations or for pleasant gifts for unforgettable summer holiday!
The offer details and the list of the warehouses that meet the conditions are here.

Do not keep your desires for later!

And also we remind that from July 27 clients of “Delivery” can exchange their accrued points for the assurance “Avtotsyvilka”! 


Attention! Delays of cargo arrivals are possible due to high atmospheric temperature in Kyiv city!

Dear Clients!

According to the significant rise in the atmospheric temperature, there may be restrictions on the movement of trucks in Kyiv city; as a consequence, delays of cargoes may occur.

The reason for this is the decree of Executive Committee of Kyiv City Council No. 1173 from July 07, 2018 “On restriction on the movement of heavy vehicles on the roads and in the streets of Kyiv city due to rise in the atmospheric temperature”. It means that in the period when the atmospheric temperature reaches more than + 28ºС, the restriction on the movement for heavy vehicles with a total weight over 24 tons and an axle load over 7 tons is imposed at Kyiv city street and road network from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Municipal Enterprise “Kyivavtodor” informs about this fact.

We exert maximum efforts to ensure that you will receive your cargoes on time!


“Avtograzhdanka” it is easy! Change points for OSAGO assurance

From July 27 Delivery Group widened action of loyalty program. In partnership with insurance company “Kvorum”, clients of “Delivery” obtained possibility to exchange their collected points for OSAGO assurance (Avtograzhdanka).

Conditions of filling-out of e-assurance are picked up personally for each client depending on your region and peculiarities of transport vehicles.

To exchange points for OSAGO e-assurance, you need to register at the Personal Area at the delivery-auto.com website and you also should register at Delivery Group-Cub loyalty program.

Participation in Delivery Group Loyalty Program guarantees additional privileges as follows: payment for transportations with points, participation in specialized business-breakfast of “Delivery”, and also in foreign logistic conferences and forums, points exchange for expensive gifts, certificates and advertisements at the warehouses of the company.

You may receive additional consultation on Loyalty Program and also get to know how to exchange points for OSAGO assurance on the phone number -  050 474 73 44

More information about loyalty program is here.


Peculiarities of work of Department No. 1 in Bila Tserkva city

Dear Clients!

We draw your attention that on July 28 due to moving, the warehouse No. 1  in Bila Tserkva city will temporary stop working.

The warehouse will start working on July 30.

We are waiting for you at our new address: - 5 Kyryla Stetsenko street (the territory of Mizhraibaza Production Association, the previous name of the street -  Sovkhozna)

Tel.: (067) 620-74-82

Work schedule:

MON-FRI.: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

SAT.: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

SUN: is a day off

We would like to remind that Delivery Company continues to open new warehouses in easy of access places with comfortable driveways. We changes our warehouses addresses to be closer to you,

See information at our web-site


Peculiarities of work of Department No. 2 in Novomoskovsk city

Dear Clients!

We draw your attention, that on July 27, due to moving, the warehouse in Novomoskovsk city (the Representative Office No 2) will not working.

The warehouse will start working on July 28 .

We are waiting for you at our new address: 12 Mykyty Holovka street.

Tel.: (067) 624-22-89

Work schedule:

MON-FRI.: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

SAT.: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

SUN: is a day off

We would like to remind that Delivery Company continues to open new warehouses in easy of access places with comfortable driveways. We changes our warehouses addresses to be closer to you,

See information at our web-site


“Delivery” launched “Construction price list”

Starting from July 23, logistics company “Delivery” is launching tariff “Construction price list”, executed within the frameworks of industry solution for manufacturers and distributors of construction, repair, and home decoration materials.

“Construction price list” extends for delivery of ladders and step ladders, liquid construction materials (varnishes, paints, primers, glues, putties, trowel finishes), free-flowing mixtures in bags, profiles, skirtings, table tops, laminate, floorboard, tiles, sound insulation materials, different kinds of mesh (chain link, galvanized mesh, etc), hung/plaster ceilings, corrugated pipes for electrical works, drainage and sewage plastic pipes.

Within the framework of the tariff’s use, a unified price for delivery of construction materials in Ukraine is set, and the payment is provided for a cargo unit. An important advantage of “Construction price list” is also cancelling payment for processing of a receipt.

“Construction materials market started to restore gradually after the ordeals of 2014, it went through considerable changes including its structure and started to gain former volumes of sales, - commented general director of “Delivery” Olena Lakatosh. – For the recent years the construction industry received a new development turn: most of construction materials needed to erect buildings are manufactured today in Ukraine. A big share of the market are taken by local façade, outer glazing, engineering systems, pipes, cables, electrical works, and even elevator equipment. Since logistics costs of some materials are quite high, taking into account their volume and weight, we decided to elaborate and launch a separate project to make transportation of construction materials cheaper. In principle, “Construction price list” is a project to assist the construction industry of Ukraine”.

You can see the tariffs of the “Construction price list” here.


Moving of the warehouse in Cherkasy city

Dear Clients!

We draw your attention, that from July 18 the warehouse in Cherkasy city (Representative Office No. 2) moves to the new address: 14 Hrudnia street, 6/1

We would like to remind that Delivery Company continues to open new warehouses in easy of access places with comfortable driveways/ Already-opened representative offices changes their address to be closer to you.

See information at our web-site


“Delivery” strengthens its presence within B2B-transportations segment: final results of the 1st half-year period of year 2018.

In accordance with final results of the first half-year period of year 2018, “Delivery” (managing company within Delivery Group) transported over 130 645 ton of cargo, having increased the volumes of cargo transportations by 12.5% in comparison with similar period of year 2017. Share of address servicing increased by 8%, making, consequently, 25% from the total amount of transportations. It means that each fourth receipt in January - June of the present year was delivered to the address of the client and not to the representative office.

The sendings became bigger: average weight of cargo within one receipt is 143 kg, average weight of one sending is 248 kg.

General cargo segment continues to grow in the company: number of joint cargo (sendings over 30 kg) and pallets during the first half-year period of year 2018 is 96.5%. Percentage of parcels in “Delivery” has decreased that corresponds to the strategy of company positioning on target market servicing - small and medium business. So, average number of parcels per day during January - June decreased by 20%, average number of cargoes over 30 kg and pallets increased by 13% and 46$ respectively on a daily basis. 

It should be noted that the company develops representative network rather extensively . Only for 6 months of 2018, 22 new cargo compartments equipped with necessary loading/unloading machinery for B2B segment were opened. In total, 314 warehouses across Ukraine work for “Delivery”. It is exactly wide representativeness in the regions, proximity to the main roads and liberal pricing policy that promotes demand for services of “Delivery” in business segment and the planned increase in the company's freight turnover.

Real insurance implemented through partnership with Insurance company “Quorum” let increasing the share of insured cargo at “Delivery” up to 70%, amount of the insured cargo increased by 33%. At the same time, according to the most conservative estimates, the potential for full insurance of cargo transported by the company is estimated at more than 4.6 billion UAH.

"The growth of business activity throughout the country, the development of trade relations in Ukraine and beyond it, the entry of local business into international markets - now all this requires efficient and quick solutions from the logistics operator. Strategically, we focus on transportation of joint cargo and pallets, giving the transportation of parcels secondary role. Each warehouse, that the company opens, is equipped with the necessary loading and unloading equipment and is ready to accept any type of cargo, regardless of weight and volume. Increase of capacities at cargo warehouses, development of the representative network, introduction of real insurance and the revision of the main roads - allow us to carry out our obligations to the target audience of the company - B2B segment completely. The transportation market has been in an active segmentation stage for several years, so it is important for the company to understand who its actual customer is, "comments General Director of "Delivery” Olena Lakatosh.   


Opening a new warehouse in Rivne city (warehouse №3)

Dear clients!

We are glad to inform you that on July 16 representative office will be opened in Rivne city (warehouse №3).

We are waiting for you at the address: 28, Boyarka Str.
(067) 215-30-65

Schedule of work:
MON - FR: 09:00-18:00
SAT: 09:00-15:00
SUN: is a day off

We will be glad to see you!

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