З Днем Державного Прапора та Днем Незалежності України!

23 та 24 серпня Україна святкує два найважливіших свята, що символізують нашу свободу, гідніть та самобутність – День Прапора та День Незалежності України!

Сьогодні Україна – це уособлення кожного окремого її громадянина – від найменшого до найстаршого, це кожен український захисник, що відстоює незалежність нашої держави та оберігає її кордони, це кожна українська родина, що збирається за столом, та безкрайні долини і ліси, що простираються від Заходу до Сходу нашої Батьківщини.

Нехай наша незалежність почнеться з усвідомлення, що кожен з нас є відповідальним за світле майбутнє та процвітання нашої держави! З усвідомлення себе вагомою частиною великої, сильної та вільної держави!

Бажаємо Вам віри у серці, мудрості та взаємної поваги одне до одного! Нехай над кожною українською оселею панують любов, злагода та світле мирне небо, на якому гідно майорить жовто-блакитний прапор України!

Зі святом, шановні співвітчизники!


Details of warehouse work in Poltava city (representative office No3)

Dear clients!

Draw your attention that on August 23 warehouse of the company in Poltava city (representative office No 3) that is situated at the address -  28/13 Sobornosti street will not work in conjunction with conduction of repair works at Sobornosti street (previously Zhovtneva street)

August 24 - is a day off at all representative offices of the company;

From August 25 work of the warehouse will be renewed.

We offer you to make services of the closest department Poltava-1 at the address 68 Polovka street.

We apologize for the temporary inconveniences.

Follow information updates at our site.


Opening a new warehouse in Kyiv city (warehouse № 20)

Dear clients!

We are glad to inform you that on August 21 representative office will be opened in Kyiv city (warehouse №20).

We are waiting for you at the address: 8, Yakutska Str.
(067) 215-31-05

Schedule of work:
MON - FR: 09:00-18:00
SAT: 09:00-15:00
SUN: is a day off

We will be glad to see you!


Payment schedule of “Collect on delivery in cash” during holidays

Dear clients!

We inform you that in conjunction with carrying out of the national holiday “Independence day of Ukraine” for the possibility of additional receipt of funds and cargo, the schedule of work of the "Collect on delivery" service has been changed, namely:

"Collect on delivery" service will work on August 23, 2018, Thursday (instead of August 24, 2018, Friday)

Payment of collect on delivery in cash will be held in accordance with schedule:

  • Receipts which were paid before August 22 (before 13:00) - payments of collect on delivery will be available from August 23, after 13:30;
  • Receipts which were paid after August 22 (after 13:00) - payments of collect on delivery will be available from August 27, after 13:30;
  • Receipts which were paid before August 23 (before 13:00) - payments of collect on delivery will be available from August 27, after 13:30;
  • Receipts which were paid after August 23 (after 13:00) - payments of collect on delivery will be available from August 29, after 13:30;


Work schedule of Delivery Company for the period of Independence Day of Ukraine

Dear clients!

With aim to create comfort conditions in cooperation with Delivery Company, we publish approved work schedule of the Company for the period of Independence Day of Ukraine:

on August 23  – the representative offices work to usual schedule

August 24 серпня – is a day off

on August 25 – working day, graphically work warehouse

We wish you a merry Independence Day!


Delays of cargo arrivals are possible in Odesa city and Odesa region

Dear Clients!

Please, draw your attantion, that there is a possibility of delays of cargo delivery on August 16 - 17 in Odesa city and Odesa region.

Due to extreme high temperature in this region the motor-vehicle traffic through the check points of the city is restricted.

We exert maximum efforts to ensure that you receive your cargo on time!


Delivery Company is a partner of Agro Tusa industrial workshop

Within framework of agricultural industry support, Delivery Company acts as a partner of Agro Tusa industrial workshop. This event calls together to one ground the owners of real productions of Rivne region, the business coaches, the farmers who are interested in the development of their business.

Agro Tusa Workshop combines the intellectual work and recreation. In addition to useful content - speaking engagements - the guests will be proposed to take part in interesting competitions, to have a taste of healthy foods, take a foray in business games.

Logistics Company “Delivery” prepared the special offer for all participants of the event: gift vouchers with discounts for transportation of agricultural goods, component parts for farming equipments and agricultural chemicals.

Agro Tusa Workshop will take place on August 11, 2018 at 05-00 p.m. at the address: Rivne city, 8 Peresopnytska street (Kavasutra yard)

More information about the event is here.


Special deal "I want more this August"

The last month of hot summer!

It means that it is the time to realize your most daring desires and fill this August with unforgettable emotions and bright impressions!

Be more brave and receive even more!

Make 100 dispatches via “Delivery” in August and get 100 UAH in a virtual wallet of loyalty program “Club Delivery Group”!

You can exchange accrued money for payment for transportations or for pleasant gifts for unforgettable summer holiday!
The offer details and the list of the warehouses that meet the conditions are here.

Do not keep your desires for later!

And also we remind that from July 27 clients of “Delivery” can exchange their accrued points for the assurance “Avtotsyvilka”! 


Attention! Delays of cargo arrivals are possible due to high atmospheric temperature in Kyiv city!

Dear Clients!

According to the significant rise in the atmospheric temperature, there may be restrictions on the movement of trucks in Kyiv city; as a consequence, delays of cargoes may occur.

The reason for this is the decree of Executive Committee of Kyiv City Council No. 1173 from July 07, 2018 “On restriction on the movement of heavy vehicles on the roads and in the streets of Kyiv city due to rise in the atmospheric temperature”. It means that in the period when the atmospheric temperature reaches more than + 28ºС, the restriction on the movement for heavy vehicles with a total weight over 24 tons and an axle load over 7 tons is imposed at Kyiv city street and road network from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Municipal Enterprise “Kyivavtodor” informs about this fact.

We exert maximum efforts to ensure that you will receive your cargoes on time!


“Avtograzhdanka” it is easy! Change points for OSAGO assurance

From July 27 Delivery Group widened action of loyalty program. In partnership with insurance company “Kvorum”, clients of “Delivery” obtained possibility to exchange their collected points for OSAGO assurance (Avtograzhdanka).

Conditions of filling-out of e-assurance are picked up personally for each client depending on your region and peculiarities of transport vehicles.

To exchange points for OSAGO e-assurance, you need to register at the Personal Area at the delivery-auto.com website and you also should register at Delivery Group-Cub loyalty program.

Participation in Delivery Group Loyalty Program guarantees additional privileges as follows: payment for transportations with points, participation in specialized business-breakfast of “Delivery”, and also in foreign logistic conferences and forums, points exchange for expensive gifts, certificates and advertisements at the warehouses of the company.

You may receive additional consultation on Loyalty Program and also get to know how to exchange points for OSAGO assurance on the phone number -  050 474 73 44

More information about loyalty program is here.

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