Opening of a new warehouse in Staryi Sambir (Lviv region)

Dear Clients!

We are glad to inform you that on October 17 a new representative office of the company opens in Staryi Sambir (Lviv region).

We are waiting for you at: Leva Galytskoho str., 42 B

Telephone: (067) 541-81-32

Working hours: 

Mon - Fr: 9:00 - 18:00

Sat: 9:00 - 15:00




Special offer «I want more in October!»

October is not the time for autumn melancholy!
Get MORE bonuses from your transportations!

For your each shipment or receipt we return 10 UAH of bonuses*!

*100 bonuses (points) - the equivalent of 10 UAH in a virtual wallet.

To take part in the special offer:

  1. Register in the loyalty program Club Delivery Group
  2. Send or receive cargo from one of the warehouses participating in the special offer
  3. Make a payment by receipt.

Special offer is valid from 13.10.2017 until 31.10.2017.

You will be able to exchange the accumulated points for:

·         Payment for transportations "Warehouse - Warehouse"

·         Branded gifts

Remember October not by rains, but by pleasant gifts!


С Днём защитника Украины! Чтим Героев.

Уважаемые украинцы!

В этот праздник мы хотим отдать дань почтения бойцам, которые отстаивают независимость украинского народа и суверенитет украинского государства.

Вы являетесь истинным примером патриотизма, храбрости, благородства и правдолюбия. Вы воплощаете мужество, силу и героизм защитников родной земли в нелёгкое для Украины время.

Пусть же Ваша сила будет всегда основана на любви. Пусть мир будет аксиомой, а не исключением. Пусть дома Вас всегда ждут родные.

Вы наша гордость и честь!


Business hours for the Defender of Ukraine Day

Dear Clients!

With the aim to create comfortable conditions of cooperation with Delivery, we publish the approved schedule of business hours for the Defender of Ukraine Day:

14.10.2017 – business hours of Saturday

16.10.2017  working day from 9:00 to 15:00

17.10.2017 – usual working day

All cargoes accepted for shipment from October 14 to 16 inclusive will begin their actual movement on October 17, and will be delivered to the final destination according to the current schedule of vehicles arrival.


Delivery Group launches electronic document flow in the Personal Area

Delivery Group implements the possibility of electronic signing of documents in the Personal Area, thus simplifying the interaction with customers and suppliers on assurance of acts for services rendered, reconciliation acts, contracts, letters and other documents. Starting from October 11, this service is implemented using the service "Vchasno".

How it works: directly in the Personal Area of Delivery Group, the client selects the documents he is interested in by using filters and over the period. Having selected the necessary document and familiarized with it, the counterparty can either sign it with an electronic signature and seal, or reject it by specifying a comment with the reason. In the first case, the document will be certified, and its status will be changed to "Signed" in the Personal Area, as well as in the service "Vchasno". In the second case, the status of the document will be changed to "Rejected". Regardless of the reason, all questions on rejected documents can be discussed via electronic comments under the document, or by calling the Delivery telephone numbers: 067-579-57-39, 067-621-00-51, 067-620-90-97.

"We strived to introduce not just a convenient and legitimate service, but also a service that frees up time for conducting the client's main business. When the signing of the contract takes not a week, but a couple of minutes – a company can start immediately providing services, or shipping goods, receiving payment and increasing profitability," - Chief Accountant of Delivery Lilia Kryshtal-Mindorina says.

In addition, Delivery Group has presented the possibility of printing a costing to an act of completed works both for freight forwarding services and for insurance, with the seals of the company.

Let us recall that on July 18, the logistics company Delivery, in parallel with the existing service for electronic document flow M.E.Doc, started using the service "Vchasno". The service is free of charge for the customers of Delivery.

Useful links:

Инструкция по осуществлению электронного документооборота в Личном кабинете Delivery Group

Видеоинструкция по сервису «Вчасно»

Перейти к странице электронного документооборота в Личном кабинете Delivery Group


Congratulations with World post day!

Dear clients, colleagues and partners!

Let not only on holidays, but also on weekdays only good news comes to you wishing happiness, goodness, peace and prosperity.

Life at a distance of hundreds of kilometers is full of joy of communication and unity of hearts thanks to sincere words in the postcards.

Good words cannot be bounded by any borders and air spaces, any wars and aggression.

We suggest to every one of you to celebrate World Post Day, writing the words of love and support to those who are the most in need of them - our relatives and our defenders.

We know that our kind words will warm them during the most challenging moments.

We believe that they will move rapidly towards peace.

Give generous goodness, light and sincerity.



«Delivery-Express» delivered the documents through Kyiv city, faster for 4,5 hours of the declared term at the average

During September the project of the company «Delivery-Express» showed the significant growth rates.

The documents and parcels to 3 kg each were delivered by the couriers of «Delivery-Express» faster for 4,5 hours of the declared term at the average.

To order the light and fast service of courier delivery «Delivery-Express», it will be enough just to fill in the online-order for calling the courier.

It should be mentioned that in May «Delivery» started to provide service on courier delivery of the documents and parcels to 3 kg each through Kyiv city for business-clients and internet shops.

Nowadays, this service is provided in two variants: «Business» (delivery through Kyiv city within a day) and «Express» (delivery through Kyiv city within 24 hours).

The clients may order the delivery of the documents and the parcels on a same day basis or the next day with the limitation of the time of delivery to 12, 15 and 18 hours. Please, see the detailed terms on providing this service here.


Delivery Group became a partner of E-commerce Congress 2017

On October 5, Delivery Group became a partner of Ukrainian E-commerce Congress 2017 - business event of new format, that presents the best European and Ukrainian experience in the field of e-commerce. 

The meeting place for the leaders of the field, experience exchange with the recognized experts and evolving new acquaintances to develop business - this year E-Commerce Congress gathered more than 700 active attendees.  The exhibition united the leading companies of the country.  More than 40 reports from 80 experts of the market were represented in 9 information blocks and 2 panel discussion on current issues were performed.

Within the framework of Ukrainian E-commerce Congress 2017, Director of "Delivery" department of development Kateryna Hryshina, who represented mutual report with the manager of the online service of electronic document flow "Vchasno" Oksana Ferchuk.  Besides reasons and advantages of implementing safe document flow in "Delivery", Kateryna shared news about personal novices of the company for its clients: thus, starting from October 4, holders of "Delivery" Personal Area can independently enter data to the fields "Full name of the representative" and "Position of the representative" of the company, used to make extracts of rendering services on transporting and forwarding and insurance.  Information will be entered automatically to all further documents.  In case if a responsible person-representative of the company is different, the owner of the Personal Area will be able to make adjustments and update information at any time.

Let us remind you that Delivery Group is comprised of four large enterprises in Ukraine, engaged in the field of logistics:  LLC "Delivery", LLC "Delivery-Auto" (subdivisions "DelTruck" and "Delivery-International") and ALC "Insurance Company "Quorum".  Delivery Group started its work in 2001.  The main specialization of the group of companies is rendering transporting, logistic, and insurance services for B2B sector (self-employed persons and corporative sector) both on the territory of Ukraine and beyond its boundaries.  For the years of work, our company became a reliable partner for more than 200,000 corporative clients that work in all the sectors of economy of the country.



Moving of the warehouse in Vasylkiv city (Kyiv region)

Dear clients!

In order to create more comfortable conditions for cooperation with "Delivery" company, we inform that starting from October 06, the warehouse in Vasylkiv city is located at a new address:   

5A Mykola Gogol St.

The telephone number of the representative office is going to be the same: (067) 620-99-95.

The warehouse works to accept and issue the cargo:  Mon-Fri 9:00 am to 7:00 pm; Sat 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

We are waiting for you at our new address!


New itinerary of regional door-to-door pick-up and delivery was launched!

Dear clients!

We are glad to inform, that new itinerary of regional door-to-door pick-up and delivery was launched in Kirovohrad region.

Kropyvnytskyi-1 – Bobrynets – Kropyvnytskyi-1

The traffic according to this itinerary is carried out every Tuesday and Friday.

Due to launching of new itinerary the dispatch of all cargoes from Bobrynets city (Kirovohrad region) is made through regional door-to-door pick-up and delivery of cargoes.

Tariff of regional door-to-door pick-up and delivery rises from 6 UAH and makes only 30% from “warehouse-to-warehouse” cost of transportation!

To order regional door-to-door pick-up and delivery, please, dial 0 800 509 509 (menu point «3»).

The details about new itineraries you can find here

Trust your logistics to professionals!


“Delivery” changed prices for delivery services

“Delivery” Company introduces renewed prices for services of delivery all over Ukraine that become valid on October 1, 2017.

Particularly, in average, the prices change by 5% for delivery to the representative office more than 30 kg, and by 7% for pallet service. These changes are applicable to all the price zones of Ukraine. Prices for transporting parcels and documents remain without changes.

Changes of prices are connected with sharp growth of cargo turnover in the company for the last 2 months which caused lack of vehicles and the personnel. In order to perform execution of our liabilities before the clients, we extend the personnel and increase the number of trucks, introduce new itineraries to decrease time of delivery. Besides, the company faces an increase of transportation costs due to growth of prices for diesel fuel. Also with the view of increasing prices for communal utility services, exploitation costs for facilities also increased considerably.

After analysis of the updates, by evaluation of the company itself, “Delivery” prices remain the most reasonable in the market. The clients are offered transparent structure of pricing which allows to plan and control expences, and that means to optimize logistics as it is.

For instance, “Delivery” offers the following system of discounts:

1) For transporting weight cargo:

-5% - 200 500

-7% - 500 1000

-10% 1000 2000

2) For transporting pallets:

-5% - 3

-10% - 5

3) Saving tariff:

-5% when increasing the time of delivery by 24 hours

Besides, the company has a comprehensive program of loyalty for regular customers. Program “Club Delivery Group” allows to accumulate bonus points on a virtual account of the payer when using services of the four companies of the Group: “Delivery”, “DelTruck”, “Delivery-International”, Insurance Company “Quorum”. The accumulated points can be changed to pay for transporting “Warehouse to warehouse” through “Delivery” and also for pleasant presents.  

You can see our new prices here




Relocation of the warehouses to Sumy city (Departments No 1, No 3)

Dear clients! 

We aspire to create maximally comfortable conditions for our cooperation with the company "Delivery", that is why most of the company's warehouses get new, more comfortable addresses.

We would like to kindly drive your attention to the new addresses of the warehouses from October 2:

·         warehouse Sumy-1: 15 Liniina St, telephone number of the representative office remains the same: (067) 620-74-75

·         warehouse Sumy-3: 23 Б Topolianska St, telephone number of the representative office remains the same: (067) 620-75-17

On September 30, both departments work until noon, only to issue the cargo.

We are glad to see you at our new address!


Opening a new representative office in Znamenka city (Kirovohrad region)

Dear clients!

We are glad to inform you that on September 29, new representative office in Znamenka city (Kirovohrad region) is opening.

We are waiting for you at the address: 10A, Mihail Grushevskoho street

Phone(067) 542-12-53

Working hours:

Mon. – Fri: from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm
Sat: from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm.
Sun: Day-off

You are welcome!


Opening a new representative office in Husyatin city (Ternopol region)

Dear clients!

We are glad to inform you that on September 29, new representative office in Husyatin city (Ternopol region) is opening.

We are waiting for you at the address: 13A, Suhodolska street

Phone(067) 542-09-05

Working hours:

Mon. – Fri: from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm
Sat: from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm.
Sun: Day-off

You are welcome!


Opening a new representative office in Pokrov city (Dnepr region)

Dear clients!

We are glad to inform you that on September 29, new representative office in Pokrov city (Dnepr region) is opening.

We are waiting for you at the address: 2, Chekhova street

Phone(067) 540-96-51

Working hours:

Mon. – Fri: from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm
Sat: from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm.
Sun: Day-off

You are welcome!


Warehouse in Kalynivka city (Vinnytsia region) has temporarily suspended its operation.

Dear clients!

Due to the substantial fire accident in warehouses of ammunition of the military unit in Vinnytsia region, the warehouse of the company in Kalinovka city (Nezlezhnosti Str., 54) has temporarily suspended its operation.

Entry and exit roads of the city are closed.

You will be notified about stabilization of the situation and resumption of operation of the warehouse.

Watch for updated information on the website.


Delivery Group supported International art plein-air in Sednev

Delivery Group is a partner of  International Ukrainian-Georgia plein-air "Autumn in Sednev, 2017", organized by Kyiv Organization of National Union of Artists of Ukraine  together with Fund of support and development of Georgian culture.

The goal of the plein-air is to deepen and develop cultural connections between Ukraine and Georgia, exchange of informational, professional, and aesthetic experience and extending cooperation of the artists of our countries.  The plein-air program includes not only wide artistic partnership, but also excursion program, familiarization with the culture and historical sights of Chernihiv region and Kyiv.

Among participants of the art plein-air of this year - Svitlana Anoshkina, Tetiana Didenko, Nataliia Kokhal, Mykola Skobelskyi, Halyna Popinova, Mariia Polyakova, Serhii Polyakov, Nino Gogolishvili, Irma Surmanidze, and also daughter of the famous Ukrainian artist Tetiana Iablonska - Gayane Atayan. 

Following the outcomes of the plein-air, exhibition of works is planned, that the artists are going to make "on the open air" within 10 days.

International Ukrainian-Georgia plein-air "Autumn in Sednev, 2017" takes place in township Sednev (Chernihiv region) from September 21 to September 30.

Plein-air (from Fr. en plein air "on the open air") term, that means conveying in the picture all the plethora of color changes, due to impact of the sunlight and the environment. 


"Delivery" launched cash on delivery on 3 more warehouses!

Logistical company “Delivery” is spreading actively work with Cash on Delivery service by cash!

Starting from September 21, the service starts working at the representative offices of the company Enerhodar, Kryvyi Rih-2, Makariv!

Cash on Delivery service allows to transfer cash for the goods to the clients.

Cash on delivery by cash is available for all kinds of deliveries: cargo, parcels, pallets, tires.

In the future , the company plans to increase number of the offices where it will be possible to use the service and to provide an opportunity for the clients to transfer cash for the goods in other cities of Ukraine. 

Let us remind that, starting from July 2016, COD by cash was already launched at “Delivery” on 89 of its representative offices:

Бахмут Ковель - 1 Полтава-1
Белая Церковь Константиновка Прилуки
Белгород-Днестровский Краматорск Ровно - 1
Бердянск Кременчуг - 1 Ровно - 2
Болград Кривой Рог - 1 Самбор
Борисполь - 1 NEW Кривой Рог - 2 Сарны
Бровары - 1 Лозовая Светловодск
Винница - 1 Луцк - 1 Северодонецк
Вишневое Луцк - 2 Славянск
Владимир-Волынский Львов - 3 Сумы - 1
Вознесенск Львов-1 Тернополь - 1
Днепр - 1 Любомль Тернополь - 2
Днепр - 2 NEW Макаров Ужгород
Днепр - 4 Мариуполь - 1 Умань - 1
Днепр-3 Мелитополь Харьков - 1
Житомир - 1 Нежин Харьков - 4
Запорожье - 1 Николаев - 1 Харьков - 5
Запорожье - 3 Николаев - 2 Харьков - 6
Запорожье - 4 Никополь - 1 Харьков - 7
Золотоноша Нововолынск Харьков - 8
Ивано-Франковск Новоград-Волынский Херсон - 1
Каменец-Подольский - 2 Обухов Хмельницкий - 2
Каховка Одесса - 1 Хмельницкий - 3
Киев - 1 Одесса - 4 Червоноград
Киев - 12 Одесса - 5 Черкассы - 1
Киев - 14 Одесса - 7 Чернигов - 1
Киев - 2 Павлоград Черновцы - 1
Киев - 3 Подольск (Котовск) Шостка
Киев - 5 Покровск - 1 NEW Энергодар
Киев - 7 Полтава - 3  

To receive more detailed information about the service “Cash on delivery”, you can get to know here:


The signing of electronic documents increased by 35% – Delivery

Since the beginning of the year, Delivery started to actively transfer the clients to electronic document flow. In July, Delivery, along with M.E.Doc (the most popular program in Ukraine for primary documentation exchange and submission of reports in electronic form), suggested its clients to use the alternative online service “Vchasno”.

Since the launch of “Vchasno”, 2980 companies and 3321 users have been already connected to the service. The growth of documents signing increased by 35% as of August, 2017. All the same, many companies continue to avoid electronic signing of documents, or secure themselves with paper copies.

Starting from the year 2003, the legitimacy of electronic document flow is confirmed with the Law of Ukraine “About electronic documents and electronic document flow”, the Law of Ukraine “About electronic signature”, and it is also recognized by Fiscal Service of Ukraine. The possibility of audits in electronic form is discussed out of public view. Such processes afford ground for gradual avoiding of paper copies, making the cooperation of our business clients and partners simpler”, – comments Krishtal-Mindorina Lilia, Chief Accountant of Delivery.

At the moment, Delivery is involved in the development of the user account extended services, where the clients could see acceptance acts for services rendered, calculations, and invoices. It will be possible to sign documents by means of electronic signature.


Retail innovations meetup took place in the “Delivery Group” client service center


Portal Retailers.ua, in cooperation with Delivery Group, ran the third meeting in the format of Retail Innovations MeetUp at the address: 15/2 Velyka Vasylkivska St.

In the framework of the event, innovation companies that develop projects to increase sales for the retail audience, shared their experience: from the place of opening retail outlets through analysis of the number of orders in a particular part of the city – to an interactive advertising in a taxi.

Artem Shevchenko (CEO & Founder) Hubber told us how a supplier cab easily enter well-known marketplaces of Ukraine through the Hubber network, without thinking about marketing promotion. In this network, suppliers provide information about the goods and services prices, and the retailers find them and negotiate about partnership.

Mykola Honcharov (Founder of iPromo) told about the project of internet promotion for small and medium business. The project is wholly automated for the clients, although it includes the work of a creative team, content specialists, as well as internet marketologists, and analysts.

Vyacheslava Levchenko (CEO& Founder of Hubble Ukraine) shared the results of a research about a generation of millennials: their individual preferences and high requirements to service. The research was the foundation to elaborate a start-up on advertising in Uber taxis. Before launching in Ukraine, the start-up worked in SAR. Ukrainian market was chosen as the fastest growing for business of Uber.

Ievhen Belobrov (senior consultant in Data Analytics Smart Business projects) shared considerable cases of the company to use computer intelligence in retail: identifying the goods on the shelf, forecasting sales due to weather conditions, analysis of the mood of the buyers in off-line shops through video cameras and many other things.

The guests of the event were interested representatives of retail networks, suppliers, service companies and all those who want to keep up with the innovation trends.

Let us remind, Center of client service  of Delivery Group is a corporate platform of a group of companies. The main goal of the Center of client service is to create an opportunity for continuous professional and personal growth on the basis of innovation practices and unique experience of the companies – players of the market.

Should you have questions to run master classes, net-working, conferences, forums, and business breakfasts at the  Center of client service of Delivery Group, you can refer by the following telephone number +38 (067) 553-75-51.

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