Special offer "I want more this Jule"

This summer started without notification and captured the whole country!

Friends share photos of the sea and long holidays in the social nets. Do you also want to spend this summer unbelievably and full of emotions? – Participate in the offer of Delivery Company – “I want more this July”!

From Jule 03 till Jule 31 when using services of sending or receiving of cargoes with help of Delivery, we will give you back 10 UAH in means of bonuses to your virtual account at the loyalty program!

You can spend the accumulated points for payment of Warehouse-Warehouse via Delivery Company or exchange them for pleasant gifts for your beloved.

To take part in the special offer you should:

1. Register in the loyalty program «Club Delivery Group»

2. Send or receive the cargo from one of the warehouses which participates in the offer.

3. Be payer upon receipt.


Переїзд складу в м. Кам'янець-Подільський

Шановні клієнти!

Повідомляємо Вам, що 3 липня склад №1 у м. Кам'янець-Подільський переїхав на нову адресу: вул. Вокзальна 2/8 (міжрайбаза). 

Телефон: 38 (067) 620-54-28 

Графік роботи:
Пн. – Пт.: з 9.00 до 18.00
Сб.: з 9.00 до 15.00
Нд.: вихідний

Натомість, склад №2 у м.Кам'янець-Подільський за адресою вул. Північна 81 г - припинив свою роботу. 

Будемо раді бачити Вас на наших представництвах!


Відкриття нового представництва у м. Глобине

Шановні клієнти!

Із радістю повідомляємо Вам, що 2 липня відкрилося наше представництво «Делівері»  у м. Глобине

Чекаємо на Вас за адресою: вул. Виноградна, 3А


Графік роботи:
Пн. – Пт.: с 9.00 до 18.00
Сб.: с 9.00 до 15.00
Нд.: вихідний

Будемо раді Вас бачити!


Opening of new representative office in Irpin city

Dear Clients!

We are glad to inform you that on July 1, our representative office of Delivery Company was opened in Irpin city.

We are waiting for you at the address: 3 Ozerna street.

Phone: (067) 695 57 46

Schedule of work:

Mon-Fri: from 9.00 a.m. till 6.00 p.m.

Sat: from 9.00 a.m. till 3.00 p.m.

Sun: is a day off

We will be glad to see you!


Delivery company launched cod payment at three more departments!

Dear Clients!

Delivery Company launched COD payment at three more departments in Ukraine:

  • in Vasylkiv city
  • in Henichesk city
  •  in Hlukhiv city

Comfort for client is that the service provides transferring money for the goods.

COD payment is available for all kinds of shipments of: cargoes, parcels, pallets, tires.

There is a reminder that you can use additional services such as: “Money transfer without cargo”, “Top up the mobile phone” and “Bank account replenishment” at the warehouses of the Company where COD payment is available.

You can find additional information about “Cash on delivery” service here.


Delivery Company extended the effect of COD service

Delivery Company increases the opportunities of additional service “Cash on delivery”.

From the present time, client can draw up a receipt with this service at all representative offices of the Company. In this case, sender can make a refund in any warehouse of the company, where COD service is available!

Draw your attention to the fact that the cost of the service still remains one of the lowest in the market - 10 UAH. + 2% of the amount of the COD payment.

Due to the possibility of transferring money for goods to the sender after receiving the cargo at the warehouse, clients can protect themselves from the low-quality purchases. Hryvnia, the national currency is accepted for shipment. Both the sender and the recipient can pay for the service. The sum of the COD payment by one receipt can make up to 150, 000 UAH.

You can find more information about “Cash on delivery” service here.


Зміна у графіку роботи складу №1 у м. Запоріжжя

Шановні клієнти!

Зверніть увагу, що змінився графік роботи складу №1 у м. Запоріжжя.

Тепер склад працює:

Пн-Пт: 9:00- 18:00;

Сб: 9:00-15:00;

Нд: вихідний.

Чекаємо Вас за адресою: м. Запоріжжя, вул. Карпенка-Карого, 47 (Склади "ТАКО")


Особливості роботи складу в м. Вінниця (склад №3)

Шановні клієнти!

22 червня через технічні причини склад компанії №3 в м. Вінниця буде працювати з 9:00 до 11:00.

Із 24 червня робота складу буде відновлена у звичайному режимі.

Ми пропонуємо Вам скористатись послугами найближчих відділень, або замовити адресний забір/ доставку вантажу.

Дякуємо за розуміння.


Cofounder of Delivery Group Andrii Ivasiv received award Digital.best

The deputy head of the board of the logistic company won in the nomination “Driver of digital changes”.

The awarding ceremony took place in Kyiv on June 19 – in the framework of III Pan-Ukrainian award Zakupki.best. This year the organizers acknowledged for the first time not only the exemplar representatives of electronic purchases market, but also drivers of digitalization – those to be looked upon during implementing digital solutions.

The Delivery received the award because it greatly contributes into development of electronic document in Ukraine. In particular, starting from March 2017 it exchanges electronic documentation with contractors and one of the first decided to test electronic consignment notes in online service “Vchasno”. The company, essentially, is a pioneer of digital transformations, where Andrii Ivasiv plays an important part as a driver of law-making processes.

"We are very lucky to be living in times when each business, each state institution try to implement digital technologies. It enables us to change in a quality manner, put into life our wishes and enhance business processes. Everybody who received the award Digital.best are the leaders in implementing such technologies. I am sure that some time later your competitors will have to catch you up. I wish all the nominees and winners to keep up in the same direction since there is a lot of work ahead”, mentioned Andrii Ivasiv during the ceremony.

In “Driver of digital changes” nomination also competed Serhii Badritdinov, the general director of “Intertop Ukraine”and Iryna Kolodzynska, the chief of department of sales provision, JSC “Ukrposhta”.

It is difficult to transfer from outdated, but usual processes. However, digital instruments make business more flexible, efficient and save resources. That is why organizations that actively implement digital technologies and by doing so change the market, are worth to be recognized.

"Modern world changes drastically. People and companies are alike here – they are waiting to the very end and resist to changes. Others are ready to experiment, make mistakes, try over and over again and change the world around us. It concerns both electronic purchases and auctions and implementing digital technologies into their business processes. We acknowledged these very companies since we are sure that their example will evoke others to develop”, - said Oksana Ferchuk, manager of business direction of the company EVO (platforms zakupki.prom.ua, auctions.prom.ua and online service “Vchasno”).

Award Digital.Best was established in 2019. Companies that track the novices and actively implement digital technologies receive them. The awards are given to the participants in two categories: “Expert choice” and “Popular choice: digital technologies”. The founder of the award is a popular trading site Zakupki.Prom.ua.


Відкриття нового представництва у м. Запоріжжя (склад №5)

Шановні клієнти!

Із радістю повідомляємо Вам, що 19 червня відкрилося наше представництво «Делівері»  у м. Запоріжжя (склад №5)

Чекаємо на Вас за адресою: вул. Сергія Серікова, 30

Телефон: (067) 215-68-49

Графік роботи:
Пн. – Пт.: с 9.00 до 18.00
Сб.: с 9.00 до 15.00
Нд.: вихідний

Ласкаво просимо!

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