Congratulations with the bright holiday of Easter!

Dear friends,

From the bottom of our hearts let us congratulate you with the bright holiday of Easter! We wish each of you sincere Faith, kind Hope, and loyal Love. Let always be peace, harmony, and mutual understanding in your souls, families, and houses.

Happy holiday!


«Delivery» renewed delivery of cargoes to AR Crimea

Dear clients!

Please pay attention that from April 8 company “Delivery” renewed cargoes sending to AR Crimea. For conducting transportations from continental Ukraine to AR Crimea we ask you to get acquainted with new rules of sending.

The price for cargo transportation to The Crimean Peninsula from continental Ukraine is from 11.2 UAH per kg. The company offers delivery at four rate zones and defines the average time of cargo delivery within 7 days. Today “Delivery” is one of the few operators of delivery services which gives Ukrainians an opportunity to keep in touch with The Crimean Peninsula.


The company “Delivery” shares experience under IT Technology Summit 2015

Logistic company “Delivery” takes part in key business conference for IT market «IT Technology Summit 2015».

This year’s conference is dedicated to popular IT technologies and infrastructure solutions which help to reduce expenses, computerize and fundamentally speed up business processes, enhance the performance of services, profitability, productivity, manageability, energy efficiency and safety of companies.

In one day the central professional forum gets together leaders of informational technologies branch, chiefs and directors of CIO departments, producers and IT-solutions providers for the wide preview of contemporary innovations and for sharing experiences.

Vadym Popov, architect of IT-solutions of the company “Delivery” will share his expert opinion about advantages of cloudy technologies usage in the company.

IT Technology Summit 2015 will be held on April 9 in Kyiv city, at the address: 4 Shpytalna street (Rus Accord Hotel).


Working time of the company «Delivery» on Easter holidays

Dear clients!

To create comfortable conditions for collaboration with “Delivery” we publish approved work schedule of the company on Easter holidays

April 11, 2015 г. – working day from 9-00 to 15-00

April 12, 2015 г. – day off

April 13, 2015 г. – working day from 9-00 to 15-00

Please, pay attention that cargoes which were accepted for sending on April 11 will be delivered to the workshop of destination on April 14.

Cargoes accepted for sending on April 13 will start their traffic on April 14 and will be delivered in accordance with actual terms.

Thank you for understanding.


Рrocedure of accepting cargo in some cities of Donetsk and Luhansk regions

Dear clients,

In order to provide safety at cargo transportation, company “Delivery” made a responsible decision to confirm special order of accepting cargo at warehouses in the following cities: Artemivsk, Rubizhne, Lysychansk, Druzhkivka, Kurakhovo, Kramatorsk, Krasnoarmiysk, Kostyantynivka, Slovyansk, Starobilsk.

All the cargo in the listed representative offices of Donetsk and Luhansk regions are only accepted open and packed after they are inspected by a representative of the company “Delivery”. Cargo that cannot be inspected, is not allowed to be accepted for sending.

Let us remind you that company “Delivery” accepts cargo (luggage), free circulation of which is allowed by the legislation of Ukraine.


Easter weeks from "Deliveri"

On the eve of the brightest holiday of the year the company "Deliveri" announces launching of "Easter weeks"!

At the period from April 02 to April 16 including, use a new company service "Collect on delivery on the card account" and get an opportunity to win beautiful gift sets with decorations of the Easter table. Drawing of presents will take place among the clients who use "Collect on delivery" service in User area on the company website at cargo forwarding. Drawing of presents takes place each Monday and Thursday,  2 gift sets are drawn weekly. 

Full details and participation conditions are in the offers tab in the section "Clients".

We would like to remind that "Delivery" announced lunching a new service "Collect on delivery on the card account" on March 10, 2015. For the clients it means payment for the company goods  and services by payment after delivery system.

Collect on delivery payment is only performed from the User area on the company website. All the money operations on remittance can be available for cards of international systems Visa and  Master Card of Ukrainian banks

Cost of service "Collect on delivery on the card account" from the company "Deliveri" is only 10 UAH. Bank fee = 1% from the amount  + 5 UAH

"Collect on delivery on the bank account" project was implemented by "Deliveri" together with well known Ukrainian company "Portmone" engaged in electronic supply of invoices from services providers    


"Delivery" offers alternative options on how to save on logistics

Taking care of well-being of our clients and promptly reacting to the challenges of this time, company "Delivery" made a responsible decision to extend exclusive services in the company portfolio.

The special offers we launched in March "Economy transportation" and "WEIGHTy tariff", are extended to April 30, 2015!

Our decision was made due to the only solid argument - increased interest to these services from our clients. Under conditions of overall price increases of the goods and services in the country, company "Delivery" offers alternative solutions on how to save on logistics.

Service "Economy transportation" - is an efficient method to decrease costs on cargo transportation, with insignificant increase of time. Not compromising on the services and high quality of the company services, the client saves up to 10% from the standard price of transportation. Average time of delivery by economy tariff is extended by 24 hours.

"WEIGHTy" tariff - is a convenient offer for planning logistics costs, where the main rule of saving works for simultaneous delivery of a large number of cargo. The basis for this  tariff is calculation of delivery depending on the cargo weight.

We are sincere in our wish to be closer to our clients! Thank you for the trust you give to company "Delivery"! 


“Delivery” shared its experience at “Marketing Revolution”


On March 26 – 27 in Kyiv there was a large-scale marketing conference “Marketing Revolution”, which gathered 350 marketing experts and 40 speakers from different countries of the world.

The invited speakers presented their own marketing strategies, cases on promoting their own products in 2014, shared the secrets of image promotion of the companies during crisis period.

Within the framework of the conference, the manager of the marketing department of the company “Delivery”, Olga Kozhukhina had a report named “Interactive technologies in business: case on efficient implementation in the company Delivery”. Peculiar attention in the report was paid to development of internal communications and building open corporate culture in the company.

According to Olga Kozhukhina, “Corporate culture is an important part of the company development. In “Delivery” we build communication between the departments in such a way that from the incoming call to the hot line it takes 10 to 15 minutes to solve an issue of any complexity. Interactive technologies that the company actively implements also considerably add up to the promptness”.  

Let us remind that “Marketing Revolution” is a specialized conference on marketing and it is run for the eighth time in Kyiv already. The main goal of “Marketing Revolution” is to provide an opportunity to exchange experience between the best specialists. 


Delivering cargo from Europe

Dear clients,

We are pleased to inform you that logistic company “Delivery” has launched a service of import of consolidated cargo from the countries of the European Union for juridical persons. Transportation is done by trucks. The cost of delivery of one europallet from the EU is from €335. With the increased volume of the order for transportation, the costs for the clients decrease.

The price of the service of import from the countries of EU includes the following:

  • picking up the cargo at the designated place;
  • customs processing of the export declaration;
  • delivery to the destination place.

Additionally are paid customs clearance in Ukraine and delivery of the cargo to the client.

Export of consolidated cargo for juridical persons to the countries of the European Union is performed following the order. Price of delivery of 1 europallet is from € 200.

For detailed calculation of the value of the shipment from/to the countries of the European Union, you are suggested to fill in the application at our website or contact the manager of the international department by the telephone number: +38 067 623 42 41.

Additional information on services of truck delivery of the cargo from/to the countries of EU.



New version «DELIVERY-AUTO»1.5

Dear clients!

On March 24 logistic company “Delivery” released an upgraded version of mobile application “Delivery-Auto” 1.5.

Users of mobile devices based on iOS and Android will duly appreciate advanced functional which was implemented in the application.

User logging in User area

This possibility is similar to user logging on the company “Delivery” website. In the previous versions of mobile application client’s User area was absent.

Review of receipts list for sending/ receiving

Function is available for registered users.

Detailed information about the receipt

It implies additional information about the receipt which was not available in the previous versions: data about sender, receiver, payer; full list of additional services; declared value of cargo for insurance.

Bar-code scanning

For users convenience the function of bar-code of place/ receipt scanning was added. Now you can receive all information about location of cargo through adding to the search box of cargo bar-code snapshot but not the receipt number.

Editing of user personal data

Now user on his own can change his contact information: name and surname, company name and telephone numbers.

Change of receiver in the receipt

Sender on his own can change receiver of cargo in the receipt.

Add / removal of prohibition for issuing on the receipt

User on his own can add or remove prohibition for cargo issuing on the receipt.

Add/removal prohibition for the receipt review

User on his own can add or remove prohibition for the receipt review. Version Delivery-Auto 1.5 is also supporting release which improves possibilities of earlier versions. For example, support of armv64 architecture provides operational work on the last iPad versions.

Let us remind, project “Delivery-Auto” was launched in September 2014 to raise efficiency and access speed to data about cargo transportation for clients of company “Delivery”.


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