“Delivery” launched “Construction price list”

Starting from July 23, logistics company “Delivery” is launching tariff “Construction price list”, executed within the frameworks of industry solution for manufacturers and distributors of construction, repair, and home decoration materials.

“Construction price list” extends for delivery of ladders and step ladders, liquid construction materials (varnishes, paints, primers, glues, putties, trowel finishes), free-flowing mixtures in bags, profiles, skirtings, table tops, laminate, floorboard, tiles, sound insulation materials, different kinds of mesh (chain link, galvanized mesh, etc), hung/plaster ceilings, corrugated pipes for electrical works, drainage and sewage plastic pipes.

Within the framework of the tariff’s use, a unified price for delivery of construction materials in Ukraine is set, and the payment is provided for a cargo unit. An important advantage of “Construction price list” is also cancelling payment for processing of a receipt.

“Construction materials market started to restore gradually after the ordeals of 2014, it went through considerable changes including its structure and started to gain former volumes of sales, - commented general director of “Delivery” Olena Lakatosh. – For the recent years the construction industry received a new development turn: most of construction materials needed to erect buildings are manufactured today in Ukraine. A big share of the market are taken by local façade, outer glazing, engineering systems, pipes, cables, electrical works, and even elevator equipment. Since logistics costs of some materials are quite high, taking into account their volume and weight, we decided to elaborate and launch a separate project to make transportation of construction materials cheaper. In principle, “Construction price list” is a project to assist the construction industry of Ukraine”.

You can see the tariffs of the “Construction price list” here.


Moving of the warehouse in Cherkasy city

Dear Clients!

We draw your attention, that from July 18 the warehouse in Cherkasy city (Representative Office No. 2) moves to the new address: 14 Hrudnia street, 6/1

We would like to remind that Delivery Company continues to open new warehouses in easy of access places with comfortable driveways/ Already-opened representative offices changes their address to be closer to you.

See information at our web-site


“Delivery” strengthens its presence within B2B-transportations segment: final results of the 1st half-year period of year 2018.

In accordance with final results of the first half-year period of year 2018, “Delivery” (managing company within Delivery Group) transported over 130 645 ton of cargo, having increased the volumes of cargo transportations by 12.5% in comparison with similar period of year 2017. Share of address servicing increased by 8%, making, consequently, 25% from the total amount of transportations. It means that each fourth receipt in January - June of the present year was delivered to the address of the client and not to the representative office.

The sendings became bigger: average weight of cargo within one receipt is 143 kg, average weight of one sending is 248 kg.

General cargo segment continues to grow in the company: number of joint cargo (sendings over 30 kg) and pallets during the first half-year period of year 2018 is 96.5%. Percentage of parcels in “Delivery” has decreased that corresponds to the strategy of company positioning on target market servicing - small and medium business. So, average number of parcels per day during January - June decreased by 20%, average number of cargoes over 30 kg and pallets increased by 13% and 46$ respectively on a daily basis. 

It should be noted that the company develops representative network rather extensively . Only for 6 months of 2018, 22 new cargo compartments equipped with necessary loading/unloading machinery for B2B segment were opened. In total, 314 warehouses across Ukraine work for “Delivery”. It is exactly wide representativeness in the regions, proximity to the main roads and liberal pricing policy that promotes demand for services of “Delivery” in business segment and the planned increase in the company's freight turnover.

Real insurance implemented through partnership with Insurance company “Quorum” let increasing the share of insured cargo at “Delivery” up to 70%, amount of the insured cargo increased by 33%. At the same time, according to the most conservative estimates, the potential for full insurance of cargo transported by the company is estimated at more than 4.6 billion UAH.

"The growth of business activity throughout the country, the development of trade relations in Ukraine and beyond it, the entry of local business into international markets - now all this requires efficient and quick solutions from the logistics operator. Strategically, we focus on transportation of joint cargo and pallets, giving the transportation of parcels secondary role. Each warehouse, that the company opens, is equipped with the necessary loading and unloading equipment and is ready to accept any type of cargo, regardless of weight and volume. Increase of capacities at cargo warehouses, development of the representative network, introduction of real insurance and the revision of the main roads - allow us to carry out our obligations to the target audience of the company - B2B segment completely. The transportation market has been in an active segmentation stage for several years, so it is important for the company to understand who its actual customer is, "comments General Director of "Delivery” Olena Lakatosh.   


Opening a new warehouse in Rivne city (warehouse №3)

Dear clients!

We are glad to inform you that on July 16 representative office will be opened in Rivne city (warehouse №3).

We are waiting for you at the address: 28, Boyarka Str.
(067) 215-30-65

Schedule of work:
MON - FR: 09:00-18:00
SAT: 09:00-15:00
SUN: is a day off

We will be glad to see you!


Opening a new warehouse in Novomoskovsk city

Dear Clients!

We are glad to inform you that on July 16 the representative office of the company in Novomoskovsk city (Dnipro region) is going to open at the address: 16 Spaska str.

Let us draw your attention to the fact that according to the internal changes in the company, a new number was assigned to the representative offices in Novomoskovsk city:


16 Spaska str.

tel.: (067) 690-59-08

Work schedule:

MON - FR: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

SAT: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM



21 Mykyty Holovka str.

tel.: (067) 624-22-89

Work schedule:

MON - FR: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

SAT: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM


We will be glad to see you at our representative offices!


Work of the warehouse No. 13 in Kyiv city is temporarily suspended

Dear Clients!

The warehouse No. 13 of the company in Kyiv city temporarily suspends its work.

We will announce about resuming of the warehouse’s work at the new address additionally at the website of the company.

We suggest you to use the services of the nearest warehouse No. 12 in Kyiv city at the address 12 Konoplianska str., or order address pickup / delivery of cargo.

You can find detailed information about the services of “Delivery” in the tariffs at the website.


Opening a new warehouse in Kreminna city (Lugansk region)

Dear clients!

We are glad to inform you that on July 16 representative office will be opened in Kreminna city (Lugansk region).

We are waiting for you at the address: 1 B, Titiva Str.
Telephone: (
067) 690-59-46

Schedule of work:
MON - FR: 08:00-17:00
SAT: 08:00-15:00
SUN: is a day off

We will be glad to see you!


Delivery Group виступає партнером конференції eDeliveryDay 2018.

Delivery Group виступає партнером конференції eDeliveryDay 2018 - професійної події для компаній, які формують інфраструктуру ринку доставки в e-commerce. 

У межах заходу лідери логістичного ринку презентують інновації та пакетні рішення для торгових e-commerce проектів. 

Більш ніж 250 учасників, близько 15 ключових тем, з яких 2 теми розкриють наші спікери.

Андрій Івасів, співвласник Delivery Group, голова комітету по транспорту та логістиці при СУП, поділиться своїм баченням того, як впровадження електронної форми товарно-транспортної накладної вплине на ринок логістики та рітейлу. 

Олена Мироненко, генеральний директор СК «Кворум» розповість про нівелювання ризиків при транспортуванні вантажів, поділиться кейсами СК «Кворум» та «Делівері». 

В межах eDeliveryDay Delivery Group презентує комплексні рішення для В2В сегмента по перевезенню вантажів «під ключ» (від листа та посилок - до відправлень збірного вантажу та палет, а також завантаження повними фурами). 

Конференція eDeliveryDay проходить 12 липня, в ВДНХ за адресою: м. Київ, вул.Академіка Глушкова, 1.


Movement of the warehouse in Bila Tserkva city (representative office No. 1)

Dear Clients!

Draw your attention to the fact that from August 01 Bila Tserkva -1 representative office will be situated at the new address: 5 Kyryla Stetsenka str. (previously name - Sovkhozna str., the territory of Consumer Society “Mezhraibaza”).

Follow the updates of the information and news at the website.


Opening a new warehouse in Bilokurakine city (Lugansk region)

Dear clients!

We are glad to inform you that on July 6 representative office will be opened in Bilokurakine city (Lugansk region).

We are waiting for you at the address: 94 D, Tsentralna Str.
(067) 690-59-40

Schedule of work:
MON - FR: 09:00-18:00
SAT: 09:00-15:00
SUN: is a day off

We will be glad to see you!


Peculiarities of the warehouse work in Zvenyhorodka city

Dear Clients!

Draw your attention to the fact that from July 04 the warehouse of the company in Zvenyhorodka no works due to technical difficulties.

We apologize for the temporary inconviniences.


Special offer "I want more this July!"


Если лето, то только жаркое! Если настроение, то только позитивное! Если подарки, то получать еще больше!
Дарим еще больше подарков и бонусов этим летом!
Время почувствовать это лето на максимум!

Сделайте 100 отправлений через «Деливери» в июле и получите 1000 грн. на виртуальный счет программы лояльности «Клуб Delivery Group»!

Накопленные средства Вы можете обменять на оплату перевозок, или на приятные подарки от «Деливери».

Почувствуй это лето на полную!


Оpening a new warehouse in Рolonne city (Кhmelnitskiy region)

Dear clients!

We are glad to inform you that on July 3 representative office will be opened in Polonne city.

We are waiting for you at the address: 36 Gorkogo street
Telephone: (067) 690-59-05

Schedule of work:
MON - FR: 09:00-18:00
SAT: 09:00-15:00
SUN: is a day off

We will be glad to see you!


Collect points – exchange for presents! New possibilities in the loyalty program! Extra points for additional packing, pick-up, and delivery!

There is no such thing as many points! Especially if you can earn them easily!

Only from July 2 to August 31 when using services of additional packing, pick-up or delivery of the cargo receive extra points in the loyalty program!

If you order additional services, not only do you save your time and guarantee safe transportation of your cargo and you have a possibility to get extra points which you can exchange for pleasant presents or spend for transportation payment “Warehouse to warehouse”.

Extra services for which you can get points:

Service Number of points
Purchasing of rolled corrugated cardboard 1 running meter 5
Purchasing of bubble wrap film 1 running meter 5
Additional packing by MINI-Transparent (stretch 2m, Scotch tape 2m) 5
Additional packing by MINI-Dark (stretch 2m, Scotch tape 2m) 5
Additional packing by MIDI-Transparent (stretch 2m, Scotch tape 2m, corrugated cardboard 0.5m) 5
Additional packing by MIDI-Dark (stretch 2m, Scotch tape 2m, corrugated cardboard 0.5m) 5
Additional packing by MAXI-Dark (stretch 3m, Scotch tape 4m, corrugated cardboard 1m) 5
Additional packing by MAXI-Transparent (stretch 3m, Scotch tape 4m, corrugated cardboard 1m) 5
Pallet board 10
Metal container  0.5m3 20
Metal container 1 m3 30
Furniture container 2 m3 30
Sandwich panel 30
Document delivery 5
Cargo delivery up to 25 kg 5
Delivery up to 100 kg 5
Delivery up to 500 kg 20
Delivery up to 1000 kg 20
Delivery up to 1500 kg 20
Delivery up to 2000 kg 20
Delivery up to 3000 kg 20
Delivery up to 4000 kg 30
Delivery up to 5000 kg 30
Document pick-up 5
Cargo pick-up up to 25 kg 5
Pick-up to 100 kg 5
Pick-up to 500 kg 20
Pick-up to 1000 kg 20
Pick-up to 1500 kg 20
Pick-up to 2000 kg 20
Pick-up to 3000 kg 20
Pick-up to 4000 kg 30
Pick-up to 5000 kg 30


In order to receive points reliably, you need to register in your Personal area at the website delivery-auto.com, and also to register in the loyalty program “Club Delivery-Group”.

If you are still not registered, you can do so right now by link  and receive additional privileges among which you will find special offers for each client, a possibility to take part in specialized events of the company, a possibility to exchange the accumulated points for valuable presents, certificates, advertising images on the “Delivery” warehouses!

You can find out more about the loyalty program here.

Earn the points easily and take an opportunity to receive pleasant presents of this summer!


Actively send, actively rest!

To provide yourself an active summer filled with gifts and vivid impressions!

From July 01 to September 01, 2018 send a cargo weighting from 200 kilos by one receipt and take part in WEEKLY drawing of prizes !

Fridays* we draw: sets for picnic, chaise lounges, sets for playing outside (volleyball, badminton).

And also monthly** we draw the additional super prizes such as - ELECTROSCOOTER and HYROSCOOTER between the offer participants.

It is going to be hell of an active summer!


Поздравляем с Днем Конституции Украины!

Именно в этот день был принят основной закон нашего государства, который закрепляет интересы каждого гражданина и делает особый акцент на абсолютной ценности человека, его жизни и здоровье, чести и достоинстве, неприкосновенности и безопасности.

Нерушимость закона и равенство всех перед ним - главное условие для построения сильной страны, где каждый чувствует себя свободно и защищено!

Пусть мир, свобода и взаимопонимание способствуют дальнейшему становлению нашей государственности, повышению достатка в каждой семье и развитию демократического украинского общества!

С праздником!


Schedule of COD payments during holidays

Dear Clients!

Please, draw your attention to the fact that COD payments during celebrating of Constitution Day of Ukraine will be done as follows:

  • receipts, paid by June 27 up to 1:00 pm - payments of COD will be available from July 02 after 1:30 pm;
  • receipts, paid from June 27 up to 1:00 pm - payments of COD will be available from July 04 after 1:30 pm;

We would ask you to call to the warehouse to specify the possibility of COD payment.

In case of arising of questions concerning COD payment, you should contact us by phone number: (067) 623 00 86

Happy holidays!


Особливості роботи "Делівері" на День Конституції України

Шановні клієнти!

З метою створення комфортних умов співпраці з "Делівері", ми публікуємо затверджений графік роботи компанії на період святкування Дня Конституції України:

28 червня – вихідний день

29 червня – компанія працює з 9:00 до 15:00

30 червня – компанія працює з 9:00 до 15:00

1 липня – вихідний день

Вітаємо Вас із Днем Конституції України!


Opening a new warehouse in Vugledar city (Donets'k region)

Dear clients!

We are glad to inform you that on June 25 representative office will be opened in Vugledar city.

We are waiting for you at the address: 3, Shahtarska Str.

Telephone: (067) 690-59-29

Schedule of work:

MON - FR: 09:00-18:00

SAT: 09:00-15:00

SUN: is a day off

We will be glad to see you!


Тимчасово призупинена послуга "Доставка в поштомат" в АТ КБ "ПРИВАТБАНК"

Шановні клієнти!

У зв'язку зі зміною типу акціонерного товариства та зміною офіційної назви на АТ КБ "ПРИВАТБАНК", з 1 липня банк тимчасово зупиняє надання послуги "Доставка в поштомат"

Нагадуємо Вам, що альтернативою доставки у поштомат, може бути "Економ-доставка" від компанії "Делівері". Послуга діє в 73 містах, розповсюджується на вантажі від 1 кг до 100 кг (0,5 м3), та коштує лише 35 грн.

З детальною інформацією про послугу Ви можете ознайомитись у тарифах на сайті.

Про відновлення послуги "Доставка в поштомат" "ПриватБанк" буде повідомлено додатково.

Слідкуйте за інформаційними оновленнями на сайті.

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