“Delivery” takes part in “SamalyotFest”

Logistic company “Delivery” takes part in a huge project “SamalyotFest”. This is the first aviation festival in Ukraine designed for leisure time of a family, the aim of the festival is to draw attention of the young generation to issues of Ukrainian aviation. The festival is situated on the territory of the State Museum of Aviation. Among the exhibits – there are different incredible planes from passenger planes of An type- to winged amphibia. Even the biggest helicopter in the world MI-26, which can accommodate eighty-two passengers at once, found its place on the territory of the museum.

The festival is held in Kyiv from July 11 to July 12  at the State Museum of Aviation at the address 1 Medova street.

P.s. PR-manager of “Delivery”, charismatic robot Delver will visit “SamalyotFest”. Delver will tell about his impressions from the festival in his blog in corporative network Yammer . Don’t miss it!


The landline telephone at the warehouse in Stryy city is not working

Dear clients!

Let us drive you attention to the fact that on July 08, 2015 due to technical  reasons, the landline telephone (03245) 5-34-83 temporarily is not working at the representative office in Stryy city.

Should you have any questions, please refer by the telephone: (067) 620-54-01.

We apologize for the temporary inconveniences. 


Moving of representative office in Lutsk city (warehouse №1)

Dear clients,

From 6.07.15, the representative office of logistic company “Delivery” in Lutsk city (warehouse №1) city is situated at the new address:

2 Karbysheva street, Lutsk city, (067) 620-54-03, (067) 627-61-14


Opening a representative office in Tyachev city (Zakarpatia region)

Dear clients,

We are glad to inform you that on July 2, 2015, our representative office in Tyachev city (Zakarpatia region) is opening.

We are waiting for you at the address: 205 Nezalezhnosti Str

Phone: (067) 620-18-61

Working hours:
Mon. – Fri: from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm
Sat: from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm.
Sun: Day-off

You are very welcome!


New service “Additional packaging with dark stretch film”

Dear clients,

Taking care of more comfortable terms of cooperation and improving safekeeping of your cargo, “Delivery” launched a new service “Additional packaging with dark stretch film”. The company set the following prices for using this additional service:

Additional packaging with dark stretch film

Scotch tape
2 м
5,00 UAH
Stretch film
2 м
Scotch tape
2 м
9,00 UAH
Stretch film
2 м
Corrugated board
1,3 м - 0,5 м
4 м
14,00 UAH
Стретч пленка
3 м
1,3 м - 1,0 м

Safekeeping of the cargo is one of the main responsibilities of logistic companies and the main interest of the clients.

Company “Delivery” – big possibilities in little things! 


Happy Constitution Day!


Dear countrymen!

Company «Delivery» congratulates everybody with anniversary of adoption of the Constitution of Ukraine – the fundamental law of our country, which is the passport of the country. Maybe in real life it does not look as good as in words, but let’s believe in better future. Let’s start today to create independent, fair, united society; powerful and reach country which is based on the principles of European democracy, and let this holiday open new perspectives for development and self-improvement.

With all our heart we wish you strong health and creative inspiration, prosperity and coziness in your families, wisdom and far-sightedness, high achievements, success and new deeds for realization of principles of the Fundamental Law of our Motherland – democracy, humanism, and legitimacy.

Let peace and mutual understanding contributes to the further development of our nationhood, generation of income in each family. Let your business be successful and prosperous and company “Delivery” will do its best to make it even more effective.


Congratulations to the winners!


Company «Delivery» congratulates its clients: Yevhen and Natalia, Ruslan and Yuliia, Roman and Natalia, Dmytro and Hanna with the tickets they won to the festival  “Make It Show”!

It should be pointed out that from June 24 to June 25, company “Delivery” raffled tickets among the clients registered in the user area.

See you at the festival! It will be interesting!


Official statement!

In conjunction with mass publications which undermine reputation and dignity of LLC “Delivery”, the administration of the company has to turn to law enforcement authorities to establish identities of the authors of articles, owners of Internet resources which published false materials. Legal system of Ukraine foresees the right of each person to respect his reputation and dignity, which are inviolable and also inviolacy of the business reputation. In conjunction with it LLC “Delivery” files a claim about defense of rights to the corresponding instances and judicial authorities. Periodicals which placed false information on their Internet resources will be brought to responsibility.


Company “Delivery” is the General logistic partner of the festival “Make It Show”


Company “Delivery” is the General logistic partner of the ambitious festival “Make It Show”.

“Make It Show”  is the festival for active people, crazed about science, contemporary art, new technologies, fashion, music and by all that makes this world bright, juicy, and real. The festival is organized in a format of the line of thematic zones, where the visitors find numerous workshops, open lecture-halls, artistic installations, music performances, works of street art, exhibitions of technological innovations, sport shows and so on.

We invite you to visit this event! Clients of the company “Delivery” has an opportunity to win tickets for the festival – in order to win tickets it is enough to register at the user area and you automatically will take part in drawing of the entrance tickets!

This festival is for everybody who considers intellectual curiosity and anxiety for knowledge, aspiration to look for joy and entertainment to be an integral part of their lives.


Important information for our clients and Mass Media


In the beginning of the month, company “Delivery” launched tariff plans. This project helps clients to maximally save on transportation costs and know exactly the price of 1 kg of cargo. Price and conditions are maximally transparent.

As it turned out, not everybody likes this, and from the middle of the week there appeared paid-for articles and comments in Mass Media.

Dear clients, please, let us drive your attention, that if you would like to receive complete information and solution to your problems, you should turn to Quality and Company Service Standardization Department by the telephone number: (044) 23-888-53.

Dear journalists, to receive true information right from the source, please, turn to Press center of the company presscenter@delivery-auto.com.ua 

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