The winner of special offer «Do you want to get a TV set for 45 UAH?» has been leaked out

On the 1st of March, the greatest special offer «Do you want a TV set for 45 UAH » was finished. It has lasted for all winter. We remind you that the Super gift was a TV set (diagonal 40).

The winner of the offer became Roman Gashenko (receipt number – 0290004149). Our lucky client delivered his cargo on February 8 from Gaysin city, using «Collect on delivery» service when he offered «Delivery to Postomat» service.

«It was some unbelievable feeling when they called.  I was sure that it would be another person who wins. And only when several seconds passed I heard that it was not joke, I was a winner! I was really happy!»  - Roman told.

We kindly remind you that the special offer «Do you want a TV set for 45 UAH »  period was: November 16 2015 – February 29 2016. To take part in promotion, it was necessary  to use «Collect on delivery» service when you offered  «Delivery to Postomat» service. The winner is chosen randomly at website random.org.

Offer’s interesting facts:

Demand for «Delivery to Postomat» service usage has been increased by 25%;

There are 3 cities, where «Delivery to Postomat» service is more popular: Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov;

L box of the automatic parcel terminal has been used more often. 


«DelTruck» Company has done redesign of its official website

«DelTruck»  Company which falls under «Delivery-Auto» group has issued the new design of its website.

Now deltruck.com meets its users with habitual menu and sections: «Company», «Information for clients», «Partnership» and «Freight transportations in Ukraine».

To make order for cargo transportations, client has possibility to fill up the form at website of the company at the section «Automobile’s order». After request was checked, manager of the company would call to the customer and offer variants of transportations.

We want to pay your attention that «DelTruck» Company – it is always modern and trustworthy company, which has possibility to transport cargos fast and save!


«Деливери» провела бизнес-завтрак «Безопасность перевозок грузов и оптимизация затрат на логистические услуги»

26 февраля компания «Деливери» провела очередную бизнес-встречу со своими клиентами. Темой мероприятия стала «Безопасность перевозок грузов и оптимизация затрат на логистические услуги».

ТОП-состав «Деливери» был представлен заместителем главы правления (Ивасив Андрей Владимирович), коммерческим директором (Гришина Екатерина) и руководителем отдела полнофрахтованных автомобилей (Самсонов Алексей). Бизнес-завтрак посетила и специальный гость мероприятия – генеральный директор страховой компании «Кворум» Мироненко Елена Александровна.

В рамках мероприятия были презентованы программные продукты и сервисы «Деливери», направленные на оптимизацию логистических затрат клиентов: Модуль доставки для 1С, «Моя аналитика» в Личном кабинете, Тарифные планы и паллетный прайс.

О преимуществах индивидуальных перевозок крупных партий груза через «DelTruck» - одну из компаний группы «Delivery-Auto» - рассказал начальник отдела полнофрахтованных автомобилей. Богатый опыт компании и высокий уровень обслуживания по транспортному экспедированию, позволяют «DelTruck» предоставлять услуги перевозок от 8 тонн стандартных, сборных и негабаритных грузов, а также грузов, требующих температурного режима.  

В свою очередь, генеральный директор официального партнёра «Деливери» по страхованию – СК «Кворум» - поделилась с участниками бизнес-завтрака тонкостями страхования грузов: от оформления заявки на перевозку и заключения договора страхования – до непосредственных страховых выплат клиенту.

По окончании официальной части гости мероприятия в свободной обстановке пообщались с ТОП-менеджерами и руководителями отделов компании, обсудили актуальные вопросы по специфике перевозок грузов, а также внесли свои предложения по сотрудничеству.

По вопросам посещения мероприятий, проводимых в Центре обслуживания клиентов, Вы можете обращаться по телефону (067) 553-75-51, или на электронную почту presscenter@delivery-auto.com.ua.  


Moving of representative office in Mukacheve city

Dear clients!

We pay your attention to that fact that warehouse in Mukacheve city (Zakarpattya region) will be located at the new address on February 29:

Mukacheve city, Akademika Morozova, 19 str.

Telephone: (067) 620-54-08

Working hours: MON-FRI 9:00 – 18:00, SAT 9:00 – 15:00, SUN - DAY OFF

You are welcome!


Be careful! Fraud cases became more frequent!

Dear clients!

On the market of international deliveries, fraud cases became more frequent of customs dues payments by use of e-wallets and credit cards.

Due to the numerous complaints, that have been received by «Delivery» company  from the customers , we kindly  inform that all payments for the cargo transportation are carried out by bank transfer by use of invoices, or by cash at the representative office in the moment  when client received its  cargo.

Attention!  «Delivery»  doesn’t accept payments by electronic money and card accounts.

Delivery gives a notice

  • Do not take any actions, which have been proposed by fraudsters in ATMs and other payment devices;
  • Do not call back;
  • Do not send response SMS-messages;
  • Do not give out card details and your passport details.
In cases when you received text message with a proposal to pay for any services, which you do not know, please contact with employee of «Delivery» Company and clarify information, received by text message.
Guards up!


«Delivery» is a partner of Zaporozhe Chamber of Commerce and Industry Conference

«Delivery» Logistics Company is an official partner of «Safe cargo transportations under Russia sanctions» Conference. This conference was initiated by the Zaporozhe Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The main questions of discussion were:  problems and its solutions in free-trade zone cancellation conditions with Russian Federation and transit’s blockade in Central Asia; perspective of transportation : Central Asia – China, Ukraine – Georgia – Azerbaijan – Kazakhstan – China; speciality of operator market creation (railway line transportations);

Speakers of the conference were ZCCIC vice-president - Sergey Svistil, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Ukraine – Vladimir Omelyan, Ukranian railways members, logistics operators.

«Delivery» Company presented report:  «International transportations outsourcing. Cargo transits across Georgia and Azerbaijan».

The conference takes place on February 25:  Zaporozhe, Central  Avenue, 4, office 223.


Delivery working hours during 8th March holiday

Dear clients!

We kindly ask you to notice «Delivery» work schedule during 8th March holiday

March 7 – working day from 9.00 up to 15.00

March 8 – day off

March 9 – working day from 9.00 up to 18.00

Please be aware, cargos, which have been taken to dispatch on March 5, would be delivered on March 9.

Thank you for understanding.


Information about the work of representative offices

Dear clients!

Let us drive your attention to the working schedule of the representative offices on February 23, 2016:

Voznesensk city - the representative office are working from 11 am.

Haysin city - due to technical reasons till 5 p.m. there will no be electicity at the representative office.

We apologize for the temporary inconveniences. 


Representative offices work schedule

Dear clients!

Let us drive your attention to the fact that representative office in Izum city will work from 11.00 on February 18 2016 due to technical reasons.

We ask you to be understanding of this situation.


Information about the work of representative offices

Dear clients!

Let us drive your attention to the working schedule of the representative offices on February 17, 2015:

Artemivsk city - due to technical reasons from 9:00 a.m. till 3:00 p.m. there will no be electicity at the representative office.

Energodar city - due to technical reasons from 9:00 a.m. till 6:00 p.m. there will no be electicity at the representative office.

We apologize for the temporary inconveniences. 

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