March gives weighty benefits!

Dear clients!

In spite of coming and sometimes introduced difficulties, today we all receive new possibilities for development. For “Delivery” this spring brought real updates. In conjunction with price increase for diesel more than 60%, we reviewed tariff policy for servicing and from March 1 we increased tariff for the category “warehouse – to - warehouse” for 10%.

At the same time for all our clients we found unique solutions, which were designed for saving and cost optimization of logistic.

During period from March 16 to 31 our company starts special offer “Weighty tariff”! This tariff grounds on calculation of cargo delivery depending on its weight.

It means that any existing client’s discount can automatically be increased on the additional percent depending on cargo’s weight:

Client will receive +5% discount in case of sending cargo of 100 – 299 kg or 0,41-1,22 м3.

Client will receive +7% discount in case of sending cargo of 300 – 499 kg or 1,23-2,03 м3.

Client will receive +10% discount in case of sending cargo of 500 and more kg or more than 2,04 м3.

In some cases total discount (“Weighty tariff” + existing discount) can reach 30%!

This special offer is convenient during planning of logistic costs, when the main rule of saving works during simultaneous sending of big amount of cargo.

“Send heavy – pay easy!” – this slogan is dramatic confirmation for the idea of this special offer!

We recall that on March 1 “Delivery” activated social offer “Saving transportation”. It was developed to decrease costs for logistic of our clients, this service will help to save about 10% from the standard price of cargo transportation.

According to this saving tariff the average delivery time will be increased by 24 hours.

March gives truly weighty benefits and we always take care about prosperity of our clients!


New service "International express delivery of cargo"

Dear clients,

We are glad to inform you about a new service of the company "International express delivery of cargo"

Within the framework of this offer, "Delivery" guarantees quality and efficient express delivery of parcels and correspondence from any city of Ukraine to more than 220 countries of the world. Each of many representative offices of the company is ready to accept to deliver the international cargo from physical and juridical persons.

"Delivery" in Ukraine cooperates with the biggest international aviation companies, which allows to perform express delivery to any part of the world within the shortest period possible. Each delivery is assigned an individual tracking number that allows to check the status of the cargo. Besides standard delivery "from warehouse to the airport" of the receiver, we offer delivery "from door to door". Average period of international express delivery is 5 to 7 working days.

Entrust cargo delivery to professionals!

Detailed information about the price and periods of international delivery of express-cargo can be received by the telephone:

+38 (067) 623-42-43


We launched a service of collect on delivery!

Dear clients,

We are pleased to inform you that starting from March 10, company "Delivery" launched a long-awaited service "Collect on delivery payment to the card account"!

Now you have an access to a range of services on the platform of your User area, payment of which is done through the website! Among them: payment for transportation and forwarding services of the company and insurance of the cargo as well as the services of collect on delivery payment.

Please see the video guide about the new services:

And be mobile with company "Delivery"!

To get additional information, please refer: (067) 629-11-62. 


Congratulations on March 8!

Company “Delivery” from the bottom of its heart congratulates all women with the spring holiday!

Let every day bring you admiration and happiness! Let you be warmed each day by warmth and love of your close people! Let all your cherished dreams and intended plans come true! Let your faces be brightened with smiles of happiness and harmony be settled in the hearts!   

You fill the world with love and kindness. If they say Beauty will save the world, that will be your beauty. 


Can't wait! Soon! Launching of Collect on delivery!

Dear clients,

Due to tremendous interest and following your numerous suggestions, we announce launching of a new service in the company's portfolio "Collect on delivery payment to your card account"!

We are changing the rules when settlements between the ultimate customer of the goods and their sender was made by advance payment. Now you can easily make a delivery, knowing that "Delivery" company will act as a guarantor of issuing the cargo to the receiver only after the declared value is paid.

Service of the collect on delivery payment to the card account from "Delivery" is a bright illustration of the rule of the classics: "No money in cash, no deal in trash".

You can pay the Collect on delivery payment, transportation and forwarding services, and insurance from your User area! 


Working hours for March 8

Dear clients,

In order to create comfortable conditions of cooperating with "Delivery", we are publishing our working hours for the period of the holiday - international women's day, March 8.

March 07, 2015  – working day from 9-00 am to 3 pm.

March 08, 2015 - day off

March 09, 2015. – working day from 9-00 am to 3-00 pm.

Thank you for understanding. 


“Delivery” takes part in Logistic Master 2015

Logistic company “Delivery” takes part in National practical workshop Logistic Master 2015.

This year the conference is devoted to “Practical instruments of logistics optimization under new market conditions”. Business program of the workshop is divided into two parts and lights up the issues of international transport, customs, and contractual relations with the transporting companies from Ukraine and countries near Ukraine and far from it. There will also be an issue of optimization of storage processes.

Logistic Master each year gathers top managers of logistics, managers and directors of foreign activities that are active participants of international and domestic network of deliveries. “Delivery” company is represented by Pavlo Lytvynov, Corporate Client Manager.

Logistic Master 2015 takes place on March 5, at the address: “Cosmopolite” hotel, 6 Vadym Hetman St., Kyiv city. 


A super winner of the offer "Winter fairy tale-winter skating rink" was defined

On Monday, March 2, a gross offer of a logistic company "Delivery" "Winter fairy tale - winter skating rink" came to an end. It lasted all February. Not only the information accompaniment of the project was triumphant, so was the main prize - a 55" TV!

Having passed more than half a thousand of active participants in the final drawing, the winner of a television giant became Poyras Ivan Ivanovych (declaration number - – 2810000499). Our happy client sent the cargo on February 18 from Reni city (Odesa region). This victory - is a bright confirmation of a simple condition of "Winter fairy tale - winter skating rink": "Sent the cargo - received a present!"

Let us remind you that the offer took place from February 1 to 28 inclusive among the participants that sent their cargo from the representative offices of the "Delivery" company. 


About changing prices and a new service "Economical delivery"

Dear clients,

Due to the price increase for diesel fuel  by more than 60%, "Delivery" company is going to review the price policy of rendering cargo delivery services: starting from March 1, the company increases the price in category "warehouse to warehouse" by more than 10%.    

At the same time, when carrying out active optimization of the processes and reacting efficiently to a difficult economic situation in the country, the company made a decision to introduce a new service "Economical delivery". Directed to decrease the costs of our clients on logistics, the service will save up to 10% of the standard price of cargo transportation. Average period of delivery by the economical plan will be increased by 24 hours.

New service "Economical delivery" - is a really efficient way to save money for those clients who is ready to wait: without compromising the service, comfort, and high quality of services of "Delivery" company.

Service "Economical delivery" is valid until March 31 inclusive.

Thank you for the granted trust and we hope for future fruitful cooperation with our company. 


“Delivery” takes part in the exhibition “Agroprom-2015”

Logistic company “Delivery” takes part in the 13th National Exhibition of Agricultural technologies “Agroprom-2015”. This event is a narrow specialized site for business communication and presenting goods and services of different enterprises of agricultural field.

Having “National” status, the “Agroprom” exhibition each year attracts dozens of Ukrainian and foreign companies of the industry each year. “Delivery” is represented by the specialists of Zaporizhia representative office of the company.

13-th National exhibition of agricultural technologies “Agroprom-2015” is held at the address 70-б Peremohy St, Exhibition Hall “Kozak Palace”from February 25 to 27. 

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