Specific work schedule of representative office in Dniepropetrovsk city (warehouse №1)

Dear clients!

We would ask you to take notice that on July 30, 2015 due to technical reason there will no be electricity at representative office  in Dniepropetrovsk city (warehouse №1).

From July 02, 2015 the representative office will work as usual.

Follow updated information on the website.



Изменен график работы на представительстве в г. Вишневое.

Уважаемые клиенты, на представительстве в г. Вишневое изменен график приемки груза.

— Прием груза на отправление осуществляется до 18:00.

— С 18:00 до 19:00 склад работает только на выдачу груза. 

По дополнительным вопросам, касаемо графика работы представительства в г. Вишневое просьба обращаться по телефонам: (044) 507-29-23, (067) 620-75-14.



Sweet offer from “Delivery”

We say: “There cannot be too much of ice cream!”and we launch a contest for a real sweet tooth! The dessert we like from the very childhood not only gives us coolness and raises our spirits but also returns us into the childhood.

Dear clients, from July 21 to August 07 register in the User area at the website of the company and receive an opportunity to win one of three wonderful ice cream makers! The names of the winners will be determined randomly with the help of the website random.org each Saturday at  12:00. You can familiarize yourselves with the results of the drawings at the tab “Offers”.

Let us remind you that User area is a personal information and operational territory of the client – at the website of the company “Delivery”. Besides the possibilities we already got used to, independent issue of the receipts and tracking of the cargo movement, just recently our clients got a unique service – “My analytics”.

Sign up the User Area!

Let’s take a dip into the summer together! 


"Delivery" takes part in "Slava Frolova Art-Picnic"

"Slava Frolova Art-Picnic" is a big seasonal project of the social art park.

Art-Picnic  offers the viewer to take the first step to meet a new, pleasant and interesting style of time spending:  in general it is to become a part of cultural development of the country.  This is a great way to have a pleasant time without leaving  the city during the summer period, choose a number of interesting events for you and your children. Participants of the Art-Picnic have access to many new pieces of interesting information related to Ukrainian culture and art.

At a conservative estimate during 4 months of carrying out of the event in 2014  more than 2  millions participants visited it.

The main connoisseur of the beautiful, robot Delver, cannot pass over such a big cultural event . Delver will share his impressions from his weekend on the picnic in his  blog of corporative network Yammer . Do not miss!

From June 07 Art-Picnic  has been conducted in Kyiv park named after  Pushkin at the address  40 Peremohy avenue. 


Change of tariff for service “Sale of pallets”

Dear clients!

Due to materials cost supplement and significant changes in the market conditions, the company «Delivery» specifies new tariff for service “Sale of pallets”:

«Sale of pallets» - 50 UAH per 1 pc.

Thank you for understanding.


Opening a representative office in Horol city (Poltava region)

Dear clients,

We are glad to inform you that on July 15, 2015, our representative office in Horol city (Poltava region) is opening.

We are waiting for you at the address: 49 Lenina Str

Phone(05362) 32-33-8, (067) 557-60-34

Working hours:
Mon. – Fri: from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm
Sat: from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm.
Sun: Day-off

You are very welcome!


“Delivery” takes part in “SamalyotFest”

Logistic company “Delivery” takes part in a huge project “SamalyotFest”. This is the first aviation festival in Ukraine designed for leisure time of a family, the aim of the festival is to draw attention of the young generation to issues of Ukrainian aviation. The festival is situated on the territory of the State Museum of Aviation. Among the exhibits – there are different incredible planes from passenger planes of An type- to winged amphibia. Even the biggest helicopter in the world MI-26, which can accommodate eighty-two passengers at once, found its place on the territory of the museum.

The festival is held in Kyiv from July 11 to July 12  at the State Museum of Aviation at the address 1 Medova street.

P.s. PR-manager of “Delivery”, charismatic robot Delver will visit “SamalyotFest”. Delver will tell about his impressions from the festival in his blog in corporative network Yammer . Don’t miss it!


The landline telephone at the warehouse in Stryy city is not working

Dear clients!

Let us drive you attention to the fact that on July 08, 2015 due to technical  reasons, the landline telephone (03245) 5-34-83 temporarily is not working at the representative office in Stryy city.

Should you have any questions, please refer by the telephone: (067) 620-54-01.

We apologize for the temporary inconveniences. 


Moving of representative office in Lutsk city (warehouse №1)

Dear clients,

From 6.07.15, the representative office of logistic company “Delivery” in Lutsk city (warehouse №1) city is situated at the new address:

2 Karbysheva street, Lutsk city, (067) 620-54-03, (067) 627-61-14


Opening a representative office in Tyachev city (Zakarpatia region)

Dear clients,

We are glad to inform you that on July 2, 2015, our representative office in Tyachev city (Zakarpatia region) is opening.

We are waiting for you at the address: 205 Nezalezhnosti Str

Phone: (067) 620-18-61

Working hours:
Mon. – Fri: from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm
Sat: from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm.
Sun: Day-off

You are very welcome!

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