Delivery Group: + 25% in cargo turnover for Q1 2021

In the 1st quarter of 2021 Delivery Group maintained the positive dynamics of growth of the main indicators of activity, started in the quarantine year 2020. Compared to the 1st quarter of 2020, the company increased by almost 25% in terms of the amount of cargo accepted for shipment, including parcel size of up to 30 kg by 30%, over 30 kg by 55% and pallet size by 9.5%.

"Delivery Group" daily efforts to ensure that the significant increase in demand for logistics services of the company has not weakened the quality of their provision. The company is working hard to increase the amount of storage space for customer service, and to increase the number of parking spaces for vehicles in transit warehouses, increasing the staff of offices and terminals, launching new direct routes, thereby reducing the number of sorting places on the route of the cargo.

In comparison with the 1st quarter of 2020 the company has considerably reduced the share of cargo losses (by 67%!), which contributed to the growth of the index of customer satisfaction with the service by 2.4%. However, with the growth of cargo turnover there was a slight increase in the share of cargo damage. Therefore, the company makes every day efforts to remedy the situation and is grateful to its clients, who continue to maintain a high level of responsibility for the preservation of their own cargo, provide additional packaging and actively use the service of voluntary cargo insurance at IC "KVORUM".

During the first quarter of 2021 the company continued to expand its territorial presence in the regions, having opened 9 new branches and worked hard to introduce additional high-quality services, having provided 32 branches with the possibility to offer the service "Cash on Delivery" and "Cashless on Delivery" for its clients.

Also, the result of fruitful long-term work was the release of an updated, convenient mobile application Delivery. Mobile application "Delivery" - a full-fledged office in the pocket of the customer, which allows anywhere at any time to take advantage not only of standard services such as search branch, write out receipts, tracking your shipment, but also additional features:

- apply for pickup or delivery of a cargo;

- change the shipper / receiver / payer of the receipt;

- re-direct the shipment within one community or to another community

- pay online or change the type of payment (non-cash / cash);

- in a few clicks to contact a personal manager or operator of the representative office, hotline or the Center for receiving orders for the pickup and delivery of cargo;

- have access to their data in the loyalty program - information about the weight of transportation and customer rate plan, accrued and available to use the points, the possibility of exchanging them for gifts or shipping "warehouse to warehouse";

- keep track of news and current promotions of the company and much more.

The company recommends its clients to take advantage of the new mobile application and personally evaluate its work. You can download the mobile application at the following links:



Compared to Q1 2020, the share of addressed customer service increased by 8.4%. Actively working in this direction, the company introduced new services for customers to deliver cargo to the address "Veloprice" and a service for the delivery of passenger tires to the address. You can see the rates for the package of the mentioned services by the link Address delivery and pickup - Delivery (

Also, in I quarter 2021 introduced a new industry tariff for shipping "Mototekhnika", which has already interested a number of online stores. Read more about the innovations and all the company's shipping tariff offers on the official website

The second quarter of 2021 "Delivery Group" company plans to devote and improve the smooth operation of offices and transit warehouses in the growth of cargo turnover, a significant increase in the number of offices offering financial services "Cash on Delivery" and "Сashless on Delivery", the expansion of branch network of tariffs and provide additional opportunities for their customers through a mobile app. The company is preparing a significant update of the client's personal account, which will make it more convenient and help to qualitatively improve the level of service.

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