Industry tariff "Light-weight cargo"

Tariff "Light-weight cargo"

Light-weight cargo is a cargo that is placed on top of pallets and other groupage cargo.

The "Light-weight cargo" tariff is designed for customers who ship large but light cargo and applies to the shipment of goods according to the relevant criteria:

  • Units of cargo must have the same type, i.e. be the same size and weight.
  • One unit of the cargo must has the following parameters:
    Length, cm: min 50 cm - max 210 cm;
    Width, cm: min 50 cm - max 80 cm;
    Height, cm: min 40 cm - max 60 cm;
    Weight of one place, kg: min 1 kg - max 10 kg.

    There is no limit on the number of places for the cargo.

    The "Light-weight cargo" tariff will be favorable for sending such materials as foam rubber, film, blankets, mattresses and other bulky materials with light weight.

    At the same time, the cargo of this category should not be fragile or contain glass and liquids.

    When sending the goods under the special tariffs "Light-weight cargo" a fee of 10 UAH is charged for registration of the receipt. Tariffication is carried out according to tariff zones with a fixed price for each.

    Acquainted with tariff scale in Ukraine.

    Type ST 1 2 3 4
    from 1 kg till 10 kg and volume
    from 0,1 m³ to 1 m³
    370 580 750 820 850
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